How to motivate employees to work better: useful tips

No matter how good a manager you are, human resources are everything. If your employees are lazy, failing to meet deadlines, playing shooting games, or boisterously discussing world news instead of work, it’s time to change something. Don’t rush to fire lazy employees – think about what you can do to motivate them to perform their duties.

Why are employees lazy to work?

There are several reasons why employees do not want to work. A good half of them are the faults of the manager himself. It is easy, of course, to blame the employees, but hand on heart, let’s face it: there is no such thing as a perfect manager. Many of us have our weaknesses, and this negatively affects the work of the entire team. Check a site

So, why do employees screw up?

  • It’s just the way people are. They want to do nothing and get a big paycheck. This is a common type of people, of which there are more and more. They can be motivated by one thing – money, but not for long. The problem is that they sincerely believe that they deserve more, and they do you a favor by the very fact of their employment. It is necessary to get rid of them immediately;
  • They do not want to work. Because the boss will come and do everything himself. Or redo what has been done. Their logic is simple: why bother, if the boss will do better anyway.
  • They do not understand the tasks and responsibilities, so they work with their hands down. If the employee does not have an intelligible job description, his tasks are too vague or even impossible to solve, of course, the desire to work disappears. Clearly define what you want from each employee, for what purpose and within what time frame. It will be easier;
  • unhealthy atmosphere in the team: employees weave intrigues, snitch on each other, bosses encourage the favorites and humiliate the recalcitrant. If any success of the employee can be turned inside out and turned into a failure – even a saint does not want to work. In this case, you must first rally the team, and then motivate everyone.

In any case, you need to first believe in your employees, and then read on. Promise yourself that the team of your online store will be the most successful, the most cohesive. And the manager who forgets to call the client back, and the courier who mixes up addresses, and even the designer who works remotely and disrupts all deadlines – they will all make it.

Do you believe it? Do you? Great. Let’s look at different types of employee incentives: let’s call them conventionally financial incentives, future prospects, kind words and unusual types of motivation.

Types of staff motivation

Material incentives

The easiest type of motivation: no need to delve into the psychological exerys, to delve into the needs of each employee – enough to give more money. As a rule, it works: no one has yet refused money. But there are nuances: there is a special kind of people for whom a human attitude or work for the sake of the Big Idea is more important. Let’s talk about finances first, and then go back to romantics and subtlety.

  1. Wage increases. At least 5 to 10 percent. If you have a few employees – these extra costs are unlikely to have a significant impact on the profits of online stores, and motivate employees excellently. The first months after the addition of your team will just fly from happiness!

This type of motivation also includes accrual of bonuses – for example, a manager can be encouraged for the record number of closed orders, a courier – for processing a lot of addresses, an accountant – for the successful closing of accounts, a marketer – for a successful advertising campaign. If the person has reached 100% of his goal – pay him a 100% bonus, if 80% – let the amount be less.

  1. Discounts on services. Surely your employees have looked at something from the range of your online store, or maybe they are already actively placing orders. Establish once and for all corporate discounts: team members can buy goods with 30% or other on the face value discount. This will not only increase your profits, but also encourage employees to work talking grapevine: let them tell everyone about your kindness and generosity, well, and at the same time advertise the goods.

Payment for training. Now you can send employees to courses and trainings: individual and team. This helps to unite your team and gives employees new knowledge. Do not spare money for training: in the end, these costs will return to you a hundredfold when employees begin to apply the experience gained in practice.

  1. Office renovation, furniture purchase, setting up a canteen or recreation room in the office. It seems that the employee gets nothing in cash – but you are investing in his comfort. It is known that the comfort of the workplace has a direct impact on productivity: try to spend the whole day on the phone, using the other hand to enter data into the CRM-system! Buy employees comfortable ergonomic furniture, paint the office in bright positive colors, let the employees have lunch and rest in a specially designated area.
  2. Handing out gifts. Reward employees not because of holidays, but because of excellent work. Spa trips, gym memberships, tickets to a show or play are popular among today’s executives – just, of course, find out your employee’s preferences beforehand.

Reward the best employees, write about it on the site and in the communities of the online store, in social networks – let the customers know their heroes! If your company participates in professional contests – try to propose your candidate in any nomination.

  1. Nice little things. Material compensation can be replaced by other quite tangible rewards: an extra day off, free lunches, corporate cell phone service, health insurance, the ability to leave work if necessary. And all this without unnecessary red tape, countless papers with signatures – simply at the will of the head.

Future Prospects

If you have far-reaching plans for an employee, tell him so. Many leaders are eager to build their careers and move up the ladder – if they are sure they will be promoted, they can easily do without a pay rise or bonus. Your job is to keep your word: deception and dashed hopes will not be forgiven. Your niche market isn’t that big, and bad rumors can spread quickly.

A kind word

Here we get to those for whom human relationships are more important than a paycheck. These are mostly women who go to work largely because of a good psychological climate, pleasant colleagues, and a soulful atmosphere.

  1. Praise. Many bosses consider it beneath their dignity to praise an employee once again. Meanwhile, praise, even said casually or on an insignificant occasion, will do more than dry instructions and strict adherence to the instructions. A simple “thank you” or “well done” – and now your employee is smiling and doing his task with a good mood, and the other employees are imbued with loyalty to you.
  2. The possibility of communication between the boss and the subordinate. Employees often have questions that they have no one to discuss with: the manager rarely appears at work, and if he does come, he closes his office and conducts meetings. The rest of the colleagues perform their tasks and cannot suggest a solution. Make a rule: talk to your employees for at least an hour a day. They need to know that in case of force majeure, or just because you can come to you and get good advice or guidance.
  3. The right to vote for everyone. It often happens that it is the most vocal members of a team who make suggestions and ideas, while others are shy or keep silent. Over time, these employees stop being asked about, they become the gray shadows of more successful colleagues. If you have such silent employees, give them a chance to prove themselves. Hold a brainstorming session, a team game, a joint event. In unusual circumstances, people reveal themselves from an unexpected side: maybe it’s the gray mouse that will come up with the most profitable idea.
  4. Honor Board. An old as the world method that really works. Hang a booth in your office with the title “best employee of the month” and periodically update the photos on it. Be sure to duplicate the information on the company website in the news section or in social networks. Don’t forget to reward the winner with goodies or nice little things.
  5. Flexible schedule. How many unhappy salesmen-“owls” arrive at work by 9 am and then suffer until dinner, unable to wake up. And poor “larks” – couriers are idle in their most productive hours – in the morning, and in the evening, pumped up with energy drinks, deliver orders to homes. Meanwhile, people can make life much easier by allowing them to work on a flexible schedule or remotely. If you have remote workers – you already know that the quality of work from the territorial factor does not suffer. People know their tasks and deadlines, and when they will do them – deep at night or in the morning – it’s none of your business.

Motivating remote employees

Even if a person is far away from you, he should feel involvement in your common cause. Freelancers are more important not even financial motivation (this is just the easiest), but a kind word and praise from the boss. It depends on you whether he will become part of the team and be able to work with you for many years. How to motivate a remote employee?

  • Get personally acquainted with each employee, communicate online, arrange video meetings, Skype calls;
  • Give specific tasks in person and request a periodic report;
  • Talk more about your plans, the future of your online store. Ask the freelancer what he is willing to do;
  • Invite a remote worker to the office or to your city – preferably at your expense. No phone calls can replace personal acquaintance;
  • Hold joint events, conferences, training, teambuilding.

And, perhaps most importantly, burn your own work. Believe in the success of your online store and infect your employees with this belief. Let everything work out!

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