How To Take Care of Your Body Waves

Body wave hair is the most sought-after type of bob. This is due to the bountiful number of body waves to continue your natural look. This can be worn in straight, curly, or even cut styles. Whether you choose to wear a seamless bob or you want to wear a body wave weave with weave hairstyles, learning some easy tips and tricks will help in maintaining it how you like it. That’s why we’re here to share our top secrets on maintaining wave hair, so they last us long and maintain that sought-after luscious texture! From washing to bleaching and from straightening to curling — these are all steps you need to take to look super fresh and for them not to look fake. Other times, certain methods work better than others, but the idea is to find a way that works for you!

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A list of secrets for your body wave hair

Follow these maintenance tips regularly to maintain your body wave bundles. These are for when you are wearing your curly hair.

body wave hair

Detangling Your Body Wave Hair

To properly disentangle your body perm, use your fingers from ends to top, starting at the roots that will cause breakage. Then, take a large toothcomb and brush it. Once your bodywave hairstyles is completely free of knots, use a paddle brush to comb and style it.

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Washing Your Body Wave Hair

If you wear body waves hair, then wash it once a week. We recommend washing it once after 10 years with a loose wave hairstyles installation. Washing your body wave hair only when required will help maintain the unit and the pattern for longer. As always, it is important to use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Ensure that you aren’t rubbing the body wave hair against your scalp. Rinse both shampoo and conditioner until the water runs clear.

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Drying Your Body Wave Hair

After the shower, apply a soft towel to your Brazilian body wave and dab off excess water. Do not rub. Rubbing or brushing dry body clip can cause you a lot of damage. One of our biggest hair secrets is to let the body wave grow out on its own! Air drying your body wave hairstyles will preserve your investment securely, guaranteeing that it won’t tangle or get damaged as easily! Alternatively, if you’re in a rush and have an important event to attend within forty-five minutes or less, use a bit of heat protectant (like our Dry Layers Sprays) first and blow-dry away the Brazilian body. With the diffuser attachment! If your current body wave patterns are curly, we recommend using a diffuser because sometimes drying over or under direct heat can cause unwanted frizzies due to the soft curls.

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After-Shower Care

Once your hair is naturally dry and approximately 70% done, it’s time to curl or wave it. Let the curls cool before brushing out some natural direction to achieve a more uniform texture. A serum will make your body waves look great and prevent frizzing. Once this is all done, mold the body wave weave using mousse or gel.

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A body wave bundles is a full that has been made from 100% human hair. This incredible hair is cut always to have a natural body wave, which inspires anyone of African-American descent and others. These styles are popular because they hold styles much easier than their straight counterparts and can be curled using a hairdryer if one desires a different style tribal braids. Brazilian body wave bundles last longer than those that feature other types of fibers because they aren’t exposed to common wear and tear experienced by most people every day due to the installed lace front, which acts as a unique protective styling barrier! hair body wave is soft, making them ideal for any individual who wants to wear one regularly but doesn’t want the hassle-filled routine expected with daily maintenance procedures when caring for other types of weaves.

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