Importance of Personal Appearance & Personality in Student Life

Students prepare themselves a lot for their exams, courses and future in their careers. There is no lack of resources today for them, even if they wish to know details about “ERP full form” then all the details regarding ERP full form is on their fingertip, just they need to search on the internet. They read and study a lot of knowledgeable books in order to make themselves so impressive that they can impress any interviewer. Even after having so many facilities related to education, students are not able to focus on one very important thing which helps them get selected in their interviews, and that is Personal Appearance. Personal appearance is usually the most neglected part of communication but on the other hand it is a very important part of communication too which enhances and adds to the presentation skills. There is a very famous saying- first impression is last impression. It is a very common phenomenon that people make perceptions about a person just by having a glance on him/her, which includes expressions on face, the attire you wear and behaviour along with body language. Let’s understand these facts in detail. The foremost thing in appearance which is noticed in society is what you wear and how well-groomed you always love to be. Your correct facial expressions make listeners listen to you with grave attention whereas wrong facial expressions finish the interest of listeners in you. For example, if you greet someone everyday with a nice smile and one you greet him with a pale face then immediately, he recognizes that something is wrong and comes forward to help you.

Body language is the most important part of communication with anybody. Body language conveys the exact image of yours. Body language is the effect of your physical appearance which makes you communicate without verbal communication and you can convey many small messages just by body language. Learning management system of most educational institutions is focused on it and that is why the learning management system of such institutions is making personality development programs compulsory. The way you stand, sit, move your hands and postures of your body, facial expressions make a very clear scene of what is going on in your mind and what kind of person you are. Personality is not about only one thing like outlooks, instead it is a combination of several important things. Personality development is the overall growth of traits and qualities one can have, inner and outer. It is so because personality includes all kinds of traits in one character like strength and weakness, happiness and sorrow or courage and fear. Personality development is directly related to self-confidence and optimism because self-confidence is the soul of personality development.

Education enables the capacity in a personality to recognize negativity in his/her personality and remove them at once as soon as possible and create an awesome and new personality. Let’s take an example of personality as an uneducated person doesn’t know how to talk to good people and loses temper easily whereas an educated person knows how to keep calm and deal with any situation and any sudden change in any situation. A good personality brings awesome changes in the life and growth if personality develops gradually with change in time. So, let’s understand the role of personality development in student life. The most powerful key to success is knowledge. The one who has knowledge can earn respect and position in the society very easily. Today the position and respect of a person is decided on the basis of his surrounding society where he or she sits and mingles daily. If one sits with uneducated people then perception about that perception will also be made of uneducated and illiterate whereas one sits with educated and knowledgeable people will make an expression of being very knowledgeable and educated and literate. Knowledge attained by education gives motive to life and a goal to achieve so that life doesn’t feel useless.

Education gives ethics and morals to a human being which makes him or her take right decisions. Decision making power always depends upon the morals of a human because both are completely connected. When one makes up his mind to make any decision, he or she has to compare it to how far it is going to be beneficial or harmful and this critical thinking or logical thinking can be obtained only by education. Education provides a person, understanding of the meaning of various lessons that person earns through various experiences in life. When one uses his/her knowledge attained from education to understand the lessons gained from experiences of life he/she becomes able to differentiate between right and wrong. Following the above suggestions and ways through proper training and education a student can improve in the matter of personal appearance and can develop his/her personality.

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