Iron Fist Will Need Every Marvel Hero’s Help to Beat the Hidden City

Iron Fist learns that he must assemble the heroes of the Marvel Universe to stop the forces of the Hidden City – an easier said than done task.

Potential spoilers for Iron Fist: Dragon Heart # 2 in front of!

The hidden city arrives, and Iron fist must rally the heroes of the Marvel universe to stop him. In a preview of Iron Fist: Dragon Heart #2, Iron Fist learns of the looming threat of the Hidden City and what he must do to defeat it once and for all. Written by Larry Hama, with illustrations by Dave Wachter and colors by Neeraj Menon, the issue will be available in stores and all digital comic book outlets on February 17.

Iron Fist was created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane and first appeared in Marvel premiere #15 in May 1974. As a child, Iron Fist was stranded in a plane crash and taken in by the people of K’un-Un, eventually becoming their champion. In the previous issue of Heart of the dragon, Iron Fist learned of a great disturbance in the Seven Heavenly Cities and set out to investigate.

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In the preview pages of the next issue, readers see that his investigation led him to the Pagoda of Universal Compassion with his ward Pei and best friend Luke Cage in tow. Iron Fist enters the Pagoda and is confronted with a vision and learns the truth of his quest: he must save the Dragons from Heaven. Their hearts feed the Seven Heavenly Cities and they are attacked by the forces of the Hidden City. The Hidden City has begun its offensive against the others, and Iron Fist learns that many champions of these Cities have already fallen and that the survivors don’t stand a chance against the Hidden City, even with Iron Fist in command. To save them, he must return the Seven Cities to his reality so that the Champions can stop the forces of the Hidden City. When Iron Fist tells him that Earth’s heroes are not all pure in heart and not all on the same page, the vision stands still, telling Iron Fist he has no choice if he wish to save the world.

Iron Fist is absolutely right about one thing – it might be difficult to bring Earth’s heroes together against the Hidden City, but the vision was correct – they have no choice if they want to save the planet. This dramatically raises the stakes for Iron Fist’s quest – not only does he have to find a way to get everyone to his side, but he also has to defeat an enemy who has already done massive damage and taken many lives. If anyone’s up for the challenge, it’s Iron Fist.

Iron Fist now knows what to do to save the world, but it won’t be an easy task. Will he be able to muster the troops? Is there a Hidden City stop? These questions and many more will be answered in Iron fist: Dragon Heart # 2.

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