Is Maxim88 A Scammer?

Living in a world of digital scams can be challenging, especially when you don’t know who to trust online. The internet has a lot of options for online gambling, but most of them might leave you with nothing but scams—a Swedish-based online gambling software provider.

So if you are here to find out the answer to whether Maxim88 is a scam or not? Then let us assure you that Maxim88 isn’t a scam; instead, it’s the only place you should trust with only gambling, and here below, we will be justifying our statement. So without further ado, let’s get started

Maxim88 Is A Trusted Platform

Maxim88 isn’t a scammer, and it’s quite the opposite; the online casino is claimed to be one of the trusted ones in Singapore. You will find a lot of games that you will enjoy. Some games include slots, video poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and many more.

The online casino is one of the most trusted ones as it holds a license from trusted companies like PACGOR and eCOGRA. This proves that all the transactions made to and from the online casino are safe.

Speaking of transactions, if they were to scam, they would have run off with your money, but rather, all of their transactions are handled within minutes, and sometimes it can take up to hours.

Maxim88 Singapore has been voted consecutively for three years as the number one online casino by Asia Gaming Awards, Asia Betting Awards, and Asia Gaming Awards. The platform even offers a VIP program that you can join to benefit from the casino.

Exclusive Partnership With The Well-known Provider: Evolution Gaming

Another thing that proves that Maxim88 is anything but a scammer is that they are partnered with some of the most trusted game providers. Among those game providers, there is Evolution Gaming, a Swedish-based online gambling software provider.

The quality of the games is what makes Evolution Gaming recognizable and unbeatable when compared to any other online gambling site. The table partnership is exclusive between Maxim88 and Evolution Gaming.

To ensure exclusivity to the rest of the world, Evolution Gaming has Maxim88’s logo on its tables that are used for live casino Singapore. Evolution Gaming has come with exclusive features that are solely theirs. For instance, they offer the instant play feature that allows you to switch between live games without hassle.

Players can play up to four games at a time; if they can handle it. To ensure that none of the games are biased or out there to scam players, Evolution Gaming uses help from eCogra and TST to test the fairness of these games.

The games are all high definition in quality, and the customer service is available for the customers 24 hours and seven days a week for you and your query.

The most notable feature of games by Evolution Gaming is that the dealers they have during the match are all live dealers with which players can communicate and make a reasonable deal. Evolution Gaming is not only an exclusive partner but one of the significant reasons for Michael Owens to join Maxim88!

Trusted By Michael Owens As Brand Ambassador

What helps Maxim88 prove it genuine is that it has not only some of the trusted game providers but also fact that the platform has Michael Owen brand ambassador. The famous football player is part of team Maxim88 for 2022-2023.

If you don’t know much about Michael Owens, we can help you catch all the highlights. Michael Owen was born in Chester, England, on 14 December 1979. The player had a fantastic career and was known for his opportunism, agility, and incredible pace.

The main reason Michael Owens joined Maxim88 as a brand ambassador is that he trusts Evolution Gaming and Maxim88. That is what proves that Maxim88 isn’t a scammer.

The games on Maxim88 are tested for fairness by iTech labs, and the famous football player who has played for several clubs now enjoys most of his time with online gambling. Having Michael Owens not only helps Maxim88 with a positive image but also helps the platform to expand to its maximum potential.

Offers Plenty Of Promotions & Bonuses

One of the critical qualities that prove that Maxim88 is not a scammer is the fact that they offer plenty of bonuses and promotions. If a platform were to scam you at any point, it would never suggest something like Maxim88.

Maxim88 always has its website updated with new and unique promotions, from Michael Owen England travel contests to a 200% Michael Owen Welcome Bonus; Maxim88 has it all. The platform even offers players some of the standard bonuses and promotions they can find.

Some of them include the birthday bonus, welcome bonus, weekly rescue bonus that is awarded to players who are not having an excellent keep while gambling, and many more. All of the bonuses that you can avail of are available on their website and to avoid any inconvenience, it is recommended to go through the terms and conditions to be sure that you have everything for the bonus right.

That’s not all. One of the most remarkable things about playing at Maxim88 is its draw. Most other online casinos fail to provide their players with something like this. The Maxim88 is held weekly, and all players registered to the online casino are eligible to participate.

All gamers have to do is play, accumulate, and that’s all. The draw is scheduled to start every Monday at 19:00 (GMT+8). At the same time, the turnover calculation is made from Monday at 00:00:00 (GMT+8) to Sunday at 23:59:59 (GMT+8).

The prizes are where things get exciting as the first, second, and third players will get the cash rewards of MYR 1288, MYR 888, and MYR 688, respectively. And to keep players motivated, the draw also gives MYR 88 to 200 players as a consolation reward.

Final Words

If a platform was there to scam you, it wouldn’t have given you bonuses, and promotions and wouldn’t have collaborated with the best of the best just to provide you with an amazing gambling experience.

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