Jovi’s Yara Looks Different With Brown Hair In IG Pic

Yara Zaya received compliments for changing her hair color to a brownish-purple shade. Why did she darken her golden locks?

Yara Zara’s Instagram followers had to do a double take after seeing the 90 day fiancé new celebrity post, where she debuted with a brown hair look. The Ukrainian influencer has impressed her IG fans with her fashion, as well as the straightforward honesty she displays on the TLC show. After images leaked showing Yara with her alleged husband Jovi Dufren and their baby girl, the 90 day fiancé star has changed things.

While it was just Jovi who was on fans’ nerves at first, due to his nonchalance about Yara’s issues in America, now it’s his parents who get villain status. When Yara realized she was pregnant, she 90 day fiancé partner Jovi laughed at her, claiming that she was lying. When she finally met her parents, they hinted that she was a thief. The derogatory views of 90 day fiancé Celebrity Jovi’s family has drawn more support for pregnant woman Yara, who has won hearts with the boldness she exudes on and off screen, as well as her signature style.

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Already an Instagram host, Yara is now trying to broaden her horizons on social networks with YouTube. Much like Season 8 co-star Natalie Mordovtseva, Yara has uploaded some funny videos about her.crazy»Make-up routine and skincare obsession. The most recent and beloved video from Yara’s channel is about how she and 90 day fiancé my husband Jovi met for the first time, the second part of which was due out soon. However, Yara made a mistake in modifying it and told IG: “So I’m going to have to do this video again with my cool new hair.»See Yara Zaya in her message below:

While fans weren’t afraid to wait for the video, surely they couldn’t help but comment on Yara’s almost unrecognizable brownish-purple hair color. “Beautiful mermaid hair», Wrote a 90 day fiancé viewer, and another comment on the post popped, “Oh, you’re definitely removing that color.“Some fans called Yara’s offbeat hair color “elegant” and some admitted “digging“it. However, those who love their Yara the most as a blonde should know that the hair color is”just for the video“And that she is”still blonde. “

A few 90 day fiancé fans seemed surprised at Yara’s random hair color change, stating it “not good, ”And maybe taking that as a sign that she’s leaving Jovi. Members of Yara’s fan club can relax, as the Season 8 couple reportedly ended a year of happy married life. They would have celebrated this milestone on Valentine’s Day in Miami.

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Source: Yara Zaya / Instagram

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