Karine Ready To Leave Paul Staehle After Second Baby

Even after the arrival of the second baby, it doesn’t seem like everything is going well between Paul and Karine. The Brazilian is ready to go with a suitcase.

The old one 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? The stars Paul and Karine Staehle are still not on good terms. Paul recently recorded a video and told his Instagram followers his wife always has her travel bag packed so she can leave at any time. After going through major ups and downs last year, Paul and Karine recently welcomed their second son, Ethan. The couple have made progress while living in Brazil and it looks like they won’t be returning to the United States anytime soon. However, all is not yet very well between this duo.

The relationship between Paul and Karine is far from perfect. At one point, the couple even received restraining orders against each other. However, they tried to make their marriage work because Karine was already pregnant with the second little boy. The couple decided to live in Brazil so that Karine would feel safe and comfortable. Many 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? fans noticed that she looked much happier in her home country while living closer to her family. Paul frequently posts smiling photos with his wife and loved ones on Instagram, showing that they are finally making a happy family.

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But these happy pictures tell only part of the truth. There are times when Brazilian Karine wants to take a break with her husband. She always has a packed suitcase when she wants to leave her husband and go to her mother’s house. Paul recorded a video and showed Karine’s travel bag, which was placed next to the closet. The Kentucky native told his IG family that Karine had a few clothes and a toothbrush in the suitcase. Watch the video shared by a 90 day fiancé 90 Day Fiance Now fan page:

The former TLC star then went downstairs and also showed the entrance to her in-laws’ house. It seems that Karine has used this bag several times, and now Paul is getting used to it. As always, he shared something more than he should have online. Yet many fans are now relieved to know that Karine is not trapped by Paul. And the couple live quite close to their extended family.

Most fans think Paul still has some sort of “crisis“is happening in her life. One fan wrote,”I bet the luggage rolls almost every day !!!“Another fan commented,”EVERY wedding needs a quick, limitless getaway.“Interestingly, some 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? fans believe the father of two Paul has great storytelling skills. It can turn boring stuff like “luggage“in entertaining content.

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