Karol Conka Evicted With Record-Breaking 99% Of Public Vote

Karol Conka was kicked out of Big Brother Brazil 21 with a record 99.17% of the audience’s vote. This expulsion bloc received 280 million votes.

Big Brother Brazil 21 Candidate Karol Conka was kicked off the show with 99.17% of the audience vote on a kick-out bloc that racked up over 280 million votes, breaking an all-out rejection record for the Brazilian edition of the series . It has been a very hot season in Globo’s long run Big Brother Brazil series. Following the success of the season 20 casting format, the series has once again assembled a cast starring 10 anonymous people and 10 celebrities. When the season started, many fans believed that a famous rapper like Karol Conka would come a long way on the show.

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Sadly, some things Karol Conka did to her and told her Big Brother Brazil 21 the co-stars were not well received by the Brazilian public. Among other things, fans denounced Karol for sarcastically mimicking Juliette Freire’s northeast accent, forcefully asking Lucas Koka to step back from the kitchen table so she could have lunch without looking at him, accusing Wrong Carla Diaz to flirt with Arcrebiano “Bill” Araujo (who interested Karol) and randomly disparage Lucas’s Camilla as a black woman who didn’t want to see another black woman during the season.

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This Tuesday, February 23, Karol Conka was officially expelled from Big Brother Brazil 21 with a record rejection rate. Karol received 99.17% of the 280 million votes cast by the Brazilian public for this expulsion bloc, meaning that over 277 million votes were cast to expel him. Arthur Picoli (who received 0.54% of the vote) and Gil Nogueira (who obtained 0.29% of the vote) were also on the block. The show’s all-time rejection record had just been broken the week before on BBB21, when candidate Nego Di received 98.76% of the vote. Alas, the show’s previous all-time record was Season 5 of Big Brother Brazil, when a player was sent home with 95% of the vote.

Considering that Karol Conka was living a very tumultuous journey on BBB21, fans weren’t at all surprised that she was eliminated with that percentage of the vote. Still, the 99.17% number will certainly seem shocking to everyone. Big Brother fan who finds out how things turned out for this contestant in the series. This record-breaking expulsion is a very unfortunate result for a celebrity considered by so many fans to be a potential favorite.

It was only the fourth elimination Big Brother Brazil 21, which means there’s still plenty of gameplay left to play this season. Karol Conka’s allies are mostly all compromised at the moment, but it is still possible for some of them to turn the tide and avoid entering the bloc at all costs.

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