Kim Lee Gets Upset if Kevin Doesn’t Text Back Quickly

Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee have formed an unexpected bond with Bling Empire. Now fans are asking if they are making their romantic relationship official.

The Netflix Season 1 Finale Empire bling left seriously loose ends. Cherie Chan proposed to Jessey Lee. Kelly Mi Li went to knock late that night on her violent and toxic ex, Andrew Gray’s front door. Christine Chiu never gave Dr Gabriel a firm yes or no when giving Baby G a little sister. Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee have left the season closer than ever, and from the look of their body language at Jevon’s 100 Day party, this To close to plug in.

At the start of the first season, it was well documented that Kevin was hot for Kelly Mi Li, who was well entrenched in his long-term relationship with the former Red Power Ranger. When Kelly “officiallyCalled him after intense couple therapy, Kevin saw his window and attempted to make his move. He tried to play properly, determined not to curl up the rebound guy or the guy from the friends zone. In the end, he ended up with neither, and it was honestly a little awkward because everyone knew Kelly was always kissing Andrew in secret. During everything that was going on, However, Kevin and Kim began to bond because of their mutual struggles with identity and family. Kevin, who was adopted, never knew his biological parents, and Kim’s biological father left while she was just a young child, never to be seen or heard again. They understood each other’s pain and were there for each other. And Kevin, who was so disgusted with Kim throwing the pump to Anna Shay’s penis through Anna Shay’s window that he directly asked Kim if she was “raised by wolvesKim began to see in a whole new light.

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In a recent interview with Pop of the day of E!, Kevin and Kim were asked about the state of their relationship. Kevin let Kim take the lead. Kim admitted that the two “have not kissed yet. “Oh that”again. “Such a tease. The two continued to poke fun at each other in a super flirtatious way, teasing each other for being the most interested part. Kim admitted the flirtation and insisted that it was ‘was Kevin calling him every day, statement to which Kevin retorted, “No! You call me every day. She is so upset if I don’t call her or answer her right away.“The cuties also joked about the constant threats to break up when they’re not even together.

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Mmmhmm, it seems both sides are protesting too much. If there is money to bet, place it on those two connections if we ever get a Empire bling season 2, because where there is smoke, there is fire. Hopefully, it’s only a matter of time before Netflix orders more episodes and Kevin and Kim make it official.

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Source: E! Online

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