Kim Lee Opens Up About Finding Her Father On The Show

Kim Lee digs into her decision to go find her former father on a reality show. Many fans have contacted her, offering her support and thanking her.

Netflix’s latest hit reality TV show, Empire bling, introduced the world to exciting new ideas and even more exciting new people. At the start of the first season, we learned that there are rich people and that there is the cast of Empire bling. This group is incredibly rich, to the point of being almost incomprehensible. While their wealth was certainly a selling point that caught the eye – eyeballs that were straining Sell ​​Sunset withdrawals – to his flame, the show turned out to be so much more than money.

Each member of the cast went through an emotional journey during Season 1. Not only did Cherie Chan give birth to her second child after losing her mother, but she also made the courageous choice to propose to her boyfriend, Jessey. Lee. After years of waiting for Jessey to ask the question, she stood up to the obnoxious standards of society and did it on her own. Then there was Kevin Kreider who needed to know more about his Asian origins. Having been adopted and raised by white parents in Philadelphia, Kevin has always felt different. He wanted to connect with his Asian heritage. So, with the support of his best friend, Kane Lim, Kevin did a DNA test and found out that he was mostly Korean. When Kevin’s mom came to visit Los Angeles, they talked about Kevin’s journey to self-discovery. His mother has been incredibly supportive and has let Kevin know that she will always be his mother no matter what he finds out about her birth parents. Mother’s love that transcended race, ethnicity and everything in between was touching and beautiful. Kevin, however, wasn’t the only cast member to ask their long-lost parents for answers.

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Kim Lee, a model turned DJ of international fame, went in search of her former father. Although she and her supportive mother and stepfather had a wonderful relationship, Kim needed to know what had happened to her biological father. With Kevin’s support, she went to a private investigator and asked him to find the father she hadn’t seen or heard since she was eight. Sadly, Kim finally learned that her father had died of a heart attack just two years before setting out to find her. As to why she made the decision to search for her father on a reality TV show, Kim said. Vice, “It was actually unbelievably hard to do that on TV“Kim explains,”Originally, the producers sat me down and asked me about my relationship with my parents – my mom and stepdad. I explained to them that it was very special, but that I had no relationship with my biological father. And they ended up saying, “How about we help you find him?”“The trip was completely real and incredibly hard on Kim. But in the end, Kim feels like she made the right choice when she said: “I was angry with my dad for not looking for me, to be honest, and needed some kind of closure. “

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Kim doesn’t regret her choice to find her father on reality TV for a second. In fact, she feels good about it, saying: “It’s going to sound weird, I know, but it almost feels like it was meant to be, that I was meant to be on the show to find my dad. ” Fans of the show flooded Kim’s Instagram with messages of support expressing their thanks and appreciation for Kim vulnerablely documenting her trip to television. Many viewers told her she inspired them to reach out to their estranged family members.

Kim, whose other major Empire bling The storyline involved throwing Anna Shay’s penis pump filthy out of Anna Shay’s window, which was a bit of a nastiness to the show. But in the end, she put it all there. For better or for worse, Kim says, “The person you saw on TV was really me.

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Empire bling is now streaming on Netflix.

Source: Vice

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