Local advertising strategies for your real estate business

It is 2023! A New Year with new resolutions, challenges, and solutions. With the stock market plummeting and the economic crisis at its optimal best, it is difficult for realtors to survive with rising property values and decreasing purchase power.

Digital outreach and social media promotions are important marketing pillars in the modern world, generating leads for a business. But localized strategies are still imperative in the world of real estate businesses! 

Real estate owners and brokers are yet the founding forces in real estate purchases, emphasizing the importance of local marketing promotions. So, here we have compiled five innovative marketing strategies for your real estate businesses that will keep your boats sailing in 2023.

Create a Google Business Profile

Having an interactive optimized website is essential. But, a Google Business Profile (GBP) is an excellent tool to generate leads and direct traffic to your homepage. Most potential buyers today do their research on the internet by typing, realtors near me, real estate businesses in my area/[city name], houses on sale near me, etc. 

Google has a feature to display all the local businesses as a list that serves as their second homepage. It shows their ratings, reviews, address, business hours, location, contact number, etc., and adds credibility to the business sales point of view.

Look at how attractive Debra Dobb’s Google Business Profile is. All the necessary information in one spot inadvertently drives the user to visit their website– the call-to-action (CTA) they aim to have.

It is super easy to create your Google Business Profile (GBP). You only have to sign in and register completely free on  to claim, and you can make your business stand out now.

Free educational seminars/webinars for prospective buyers

Trust and rapport are the founding virtues governing dealings between realtors and consumers. And, to develop them, the consumer expects you to guide them through properly, maintaining transparency and clarity in the communication. For them to trust you, you must give them some piece of your knowledge for free. So that they feel educated and empowered to make a decision and will owe the party for being self-sufficient about something they had no idea regarding. 

You can host interactive one-to-one or group sessions and free seminars at community events and broadcast them live on your social media pages. You can also host free webinars on your social media platforms to educate the community and post them for free later for the people. 

It will increase advocacy of your business objective in a positive light and will make people believe that you are there to serve in their best interest. 

Local business partnerships

Try to reach out to local businesses to promote your business in the community. You can contact nearby coffee shops, breakfast places, home décor showrooms, local moving companies, etc., for partnership and share door hangers, flyers, mugs, caps, or feedback pens with your logo. 

You can use PosterMyWall to design these promotional gadgets for free. Moreover, you can use these door hangers and flyers to promote a free open-house event to lure potential buyers visiting those places into watching the attractive listings you offer. 

The different templates available such as real estate flyer templates, make doing this considerably easier!

Local sponsorships in the community

Good marketing aims to reach the target audience. Your target audience is the area you specialize in your listings. Sponsoring local community programs or events is an excellent idea to increase outreach in a local market. 

You can sponsor a community/school sports festival, sports matches, or cultural fair. Or hold painting or essay competitions for kids with prizes in community engagement events. The sponsorship will not only bring your logo on T-shirts, cups, boards, pamphlets, and banners of the events but will also popularize your business name among the people.   

Write columns on a local paper 

It would be a great marketing addition to your business profile if you could attain a column spot in a local publication. Try not to be too provocative; focus on educational topics and hot trends in the real estate market. 

For instance, which area has shown the most growth in recent years, rising housing prices, why some properties are more popular among the buyers, underrated towns with good quality of life with lower housing value, etc. 

In short, competition for survival is fierce in the real estate business. But with optimal local marketing strategies and good social media outreach, the business owners can stand out among themselves and create value for their customers. 

Written by: Raahim Jamshed

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