MacOS VPS: The next big thing in Apple Software Development

When it comes to desktop Operating Systems, MacOS has been around for a very long time. Moreover, it sits in the upper echelons of the premium computer market in terms of value and, with very little competition in that space, it is here to stay. Apple has built a solid UI, class-leading security and a well-integrated ecosystem that make MacOS users hardcore loyalists to Apple and its products. So what’s the secret?

MacOS is a UNIX-based operating system that is closed-source to the extent that it only runs on hardware that is authorized by Apple itself. This means you cannot buy a copy of MacOS to run on your desktop or laptop computer. To do so, you must purchase an Apple desktop or laptop computer. Which brings everything back to square one i.e. it is difficult to enter the Apple ecosystem due to the very high prices of their products. This affects one group more than any other; software developers.

The pros of developing software for MacOS and iOS far outweigh the cons. Statistics show that users of those two operating systems are far more likely to pay for a piece of software or even purchase premium licenses of it compared to Windows or Android users. Developing for MacOS or iOS requires the use of Xcode, a proprietary IDE (Integrated Development Environment) developed by Apple that is limited to function on MacOS only. Essentially, Xcode is the only compatible IDE that allows a software developer to develop applications for MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS that all run on Apple’s devices.

So if you are a software developer looking to create applications for Apple hardware, but you don’t have the money to invest into MacOS, what should you do? The answer is extremely simple; you get a MacOS VPS server! A VPS (Virtual Private Server) with its own set of independently allocated resources unlike a shared hosting plan. So what are the advantages of a MacOS VPS and why should you choose it over an Apple computer?

Well, the first major advantage is price. You only pay a subscription fee for the VPS which can be in monthly, yearly or multi-year increments. This subscription fee, even when accumulated over several months, turns out to be less than half of the price of a base-model Macbook which is the cheapest MacOS offering from Apple! Moreover, since there is less necessary hardware in a VPS compared to a computer, things like a casing, peripherals etc. are not needed. This helps cut costs as well.

Secondly, a VPS provides you better technical specifications in terms of hardware compared to an Apple Macbook, iMac or even a Mac Mini. UltaHost’s MacOS VPS, for example, offers NVMe SSD storage which is the fastest type of storage out there. Moreover, it offers DDR4 RAM with blazing-fast clock speeds. All this impressive hardware makes for an even more amazing experience since MacOS is one of the lightest and most responsive operating systems ever built. Therefore, choosing a MacOS VPS over an Apple computer will give you a better and faster interaction with MacOS, and when it comes to programming and software development, better hardware is always a major advantage. 

Thirdly, a VPS is remotely-accessible, available 24/7 around the clock and does not require maintenance or upkeep like keeping it powered or charged etc. A VPS server offers SSH and SFTP access which allows you to connect to your MacOS VPS server from anywhere around the world at any given time. You do not need to carry it around with you anywhere and neither do you need to worry about it getting damaged or stolen which would be a horrible thing since Apple devices are so expensive. Not only are you saving money, but your investment is also safer than a physical Apple device.

Then there’s the added benefit of modular hardware. A VPS server can be upgraded and moved up to better and beefier hardware at any time of your choosing. All it will require is a bigger subscription fee. On the other hand, the only upgradeable component in an iMac is the RAM and storage. In a Macbook or Mac Mini, you are stuck with what you have and even repairs can only be administered by authorized Apple stores. This only leads to heavier and heavier expenses for your computer compared to a VPS that you can upgrade or downgrade at any time of your choosing.

A VPS for MacOS is not a new idea, in fact it has been around for quite a while. However, there are next to no hosting services out there that offer a MacOS VPS server, especially at affordable prices. Thankfully, UltaHost is here to save the day. UltaHost offers the best MacOS VPS packages on the market, starting at just $15.90 a month! For that price, you get some cutting-edge features like NVMe SSD storage, DDR4 RAM, industry-leading security protocols, self-management and top-notch 24/7 technical support. Moreover, if you wish to host a website or web app on your server, you get a free SSL certificate, automated daily backups, dedicated firewalls and much more! 

If you want to become a developer for Apple’s software, need access to MacOS or even just want to experiment, UltaHost’s MacOS VPS is your best bet! Scroll through the plans now to find the best bang for your buck with service and quality that is simply unmatched!

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