MCQs on Statistics and Probability for Class 10

In Mathematics, Statistics and Probability are the two important branches which are widely used in academics as well as in real life. In Class 10 Maths, we will come across the fundamentals of statistics as well as probability. For a better understanding, we have provided here MCQs (multiple choice questions) so that students could practise them and get a good grasp on both concepts.  All the questions here are prepared by our subject experts as per the latest syllabus for the academic session 2022-2023.

The objective-type questions are provided here with answers such that students can match them with their answers. It is suggested for students solve the questions on their own before they check for the answers. In this way, they can enhance their problem-solving skills and manage the time required to solve each question. It will be helpful with respect to the examination perspective. Statistics Class 10 MCQ will include questions related to basic theory and formulas taught under the CBSE syllabus and NCERT curriculum. Before we move ahead to solve these MCQs, let us have quick glance over the concepts of statistics and probability.

Introduction to Statistics and Probability

 In our earlier classes, we learned the basics of statistics and probability, such as finding the mean, median and mode for ungrouped data, probability of an independent event, etc. In Class 10 Maths, we will learn to find the mean, median and mode of grouped data using formulas. There are three methods to find the mean; the direct method, the assumed mean method and the step deviation method. 

Similarly, in probability, we will come across experimental and theoretical probability and how to find them using formulas. Interestingly, the probability of a sure event is 1 and an impossible event is 0. 

To practice questions based on these formulas and theories, solve the MCQs provided in the below section. 

Statistics and Probability Class 10 MCQs

In Class 10, we have been introduced to several crucial topics under which statistics and probability play a major role. By clearing these concepts, we can understand their applications at a higher level of education. To make each student effectively understand the concepts, we have given here multiple-choice questions with answers. Students can make use of these questions to have a quick revision before the examination. Statistics and Probability MCQ Class 10th in Maths will help students to score good marks in exams. Upgrade your skills by practising these MCQs here and boost your confidence over the topics.

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