MCU: Characters That Should Have Been Best Friends

Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe has so many different characters, not all of them can interact. Here are a few who could have been friends.

Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe is so large and has so many different characters from so many parts of the galaxy, they don’t always meet and interact. Even characters who have shared relationships and friendships don’t really interact much onscreen due to time constraints. Because of this, there are a lot of characters who would have made great friends had history allowed it.

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While it’s a shame these characters never made friends in canon, it’s interesting to imagine why they would make good pairs. And, for some of these characters, it’s still quite possible that they could bond later, as they’re still an active part of the MCU.

ten Pepper Potts and Maria Hill

pepper potts and maria hill

At first, the MCU didn’t do the best job of including complex, well-written female characters who weren’t just sidekicks or love interests. And this is still something that they need to improve somewhat.

Because of this, many of the best female characters from the start didn’t interact much with each other, and that’s a shame. Pepper and Maria may have different careers, but they’re both driven and capable women who have to put up with being around superheroes all the time.

9 Thor and Scott Lang

Ant-man and Thor

Although Thor has befriended many characters and created some rather adorable couple moments, he has yet to know Scott Lang. Although they have different life experiences and responsibilities, they both have their own unique sense of humor.

These two characters are generally quite positive and upbeat in life, and Thor would likely find Ant-Man quite delicious and like to joke around with him.

8 Tony Stark and Bucky Barnes

tony and bucky

While most of the duos on this list would make great friends because they immediately hit it off, some of the best friendships in fiction can come from rivalries.

The MCU really let the ball go by never giving these two a chance to reconcile and forgive each other until Tony died. But, in another world, they could have bonded over their shared traumas, and Tony could even have helped Bucky with some tech.

7 Loki and Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange Loki Thor Ragnarok

They’re another pair who probably wouldn’t be quick friends, but that’s not because they have a traumatic or dramatic history between them. Instead, they would be friends who were more in a situation of rivalry as they are both magical in their own way.

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While Loki is the god of evil and Doctor Strange is essentially a space wizard at this point, they have a lot in common even though they might find each other a bit boring. It would definitely lead to some hilarious moments.

6 Scarlet Witch and Nebula

nebula and scarlet witch

While Scarlet Witch and Nebula never interacted on screen, it’s another real shame. These two characters went through some very traumatic events, and those events made them villains in the beginning.

But, they both come to their own redemption, but still harbor a lot of guilt and frustration. In this way, they would be able to communicate with each other and possibly find comfort in friendship.

5 Gamora and Valkyrie

gamora and valkyrie

Gamora is a character who did not deserve her in the MCU. After killing the current Gamora in Endgame, only her past is returned to history. All that aside, she and Valkyrie would make a good pair. They’re both smart, badass women who come from different planets, so they exist in sort of the same sphere.

They would certainly love to share a drink and roll their eyes at the group of weirdos around them. And, it looks like there is potential for these two to become friends in Thor: Love and thunder.

4 Natasha Romanoff and Sharon Carter

black widow and sharon carter

These two women are two other characters who weren’t always treated fairly at first. Although they are both interesting and strong, they never really interacted. The lack of interaction between the women of the MCU is a huge problem. But these two really would have had a lot in common.

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They are both adept at hand-to-hand combat and both worked for SHIELD. They also have no powers, and they would have kicked a team. Also, they both had the same relationships (like Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson), so it seems ridiculous that the two women never interacted.

3 Steve Rogers and Carol Danvers

Although Steve and Carol know each other, fans don’t really get any interaction scenes except on a minimal basis. It was definitely a missed opportunity. These two have a lot in common.

They are both “captains” with military experience and who are loyal and protective of those they love. They are nice and sympathetic, and they would have made excellent co-directors who would challenge each other but also have a lot of respect for each other.

2 Sam Wilson and Rhodey

Armor Wars Falcon vs War Machine

This friendship developed somewhat in Avengers: Infinity War, but it would be nice to see more in the future. Their scenes in Infinity war prove they have good jokes and understand each other while having enough personality differences to keep things interesting.

Hopefully these two paths cross again in future movies or TV shows, as they have both worked alongside the Avengers for years.

1 Shuri and Peter Parker

Many fans have spoken about their wish to meet, and it makes a lot of sense. These two characters are teenage geniuses who love technology and science and invent.

Shuri would fit in well with Peter Parker and his friends, and they would be absolutely blown away and in awe of his lab in Wakanda. They would get along well and Shuri would definitely tease Peter Parker for being a bit of a dumbass.

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