Metallica’s Blizzcon Performance Caused DMCA Issues For Twitch

Twitch hilariously censored a Metallica live performance during Blizzcon with 8-bit music for fear of being hit with its own DMCA system.

Tic has a huge problem with copyright removals and it looks like the company’s channel is afraid of it. During a live performance by legendary band Metallica at Blizzcon, Twitch cut the audio and replaced it with a generic royalty-free elevator track. It is beyond parody.

Twitch received a lot of heat last year after a number of rather insane DMCA takedowns. The company typically allows its streamers to play music in the background of their streams as well as host movie viewing parties available on Amazon Prime Video. This quiet online existence exploded when major streamers noticed their content being removed, sometimes for some really crazy reasons. Popular streamer xQc was removed from the DMCA by simply showing a clip from their own stream. Needless to say, the system is broken and another development continues to prove it.

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Twitch was streaming Blizzcon live on their own official channel and everything was fine until Metallica appeared. The band performed one of their most iconic songs, For Whom The Bell Tolls, which prompted Twitch to cut the sound and replace it with 8-bit music. Twitch is not only afraid of being taken apart by the DMCA on their own platform, but they’re also afraid of being taken apart by a band using their own music. The chaos has been captured and shared on the internet, thanks to Rod Breslau and the YouTube user carries demons.

The irony of the big picture is that Metallica had a notable influence on the DMCA, as seen today when the group sued the Napster file-sharing service in the early 2000s. The real version ” uncensored ”performance was broadcast smoothly on YouTube, demonstrating that these endemic DMCA issues are not universal, and giving Metallica fans a good avenue to admire a solid performance from their favorite band.

It’s unclear if Metallica would have sued Twitch for re-broadcasting the event, but it seems incredibly unlikely. It also proves how undeniably flawed the system is, if even Twitch itself isn’t safe. Twitch has already promised to try to resolve the situation in a way that will help everyone, but it doesn’t look like that solution has been implemented yet. As of this writing, Tic has not yet made any representations regarding Metallica’s performance.

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Source: Rod Breslau, door of demons

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