Minecraft Player Uses New Grimstone Block To Create A Spooky Portal

A player in the Java edition of Minecraft on Reddit used the latest building material from the last snapshot, Gray Stone, to create a cleanly spooky new portal.

Fans of Minecraft Don’t waste time using the game’s new building material, Grimstone, to craft some truly awesome (and eerie) new structures before the next Caves and Cliffs update. Just days after grimstone appeared in the materials menus in the last snapshot of MinecraftIn the Java Edition, PC gamers who were able to try out the latest features ahead of its official launch later this year are posting on Reddit to show what the new Dark Blocks can really do – and it’s understandably sinister, that is the least we can say.

MinecraftThe ever-expanding menu of available building materials was always particularly heavy, and allowed for a fairly wide range of creative freedom for players looking to build or recreate structures in-game, but many felt the variety was a bit lacking when it came. to black or dark materials. So when Grimstone was first introduced as an unnamed block at Minecraft Live 2020, gamers were understandably excited for the update to come. The update snapshot, the tenth so far for Java Edition 1.17, debuted on February 17 and made some changes to the world gen (especially the mineral generation), ore textures, to visibility of beacons and generation of structures to be tested before the appropriate launch of the update in the middle of the year. Those who took the time to check out and provide feedback on the new features also got a chance to see what Grimstone will look like when used as a building material, with some posting their work on Reddit.

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recompensator nrgmix was one of those players who decided to give the snapshot a try, and with a clever mix of the New Dark Stone and Amethyst, a block posted in a previous snapshot, built what they aptly describe like a “sinister portal” – a towering skull shaped like a gateway to a mystical otherworldly realm, flanked by Wither skulls to enhance the already grim vibe of the building. They posted their creation on Reddit to an enthusiastic response, with prominent Minecraft commentators like xisumatwo on YouTube taking note. Check out the dark portal below:

This is a very good feedback for Mojang as to whether or not grimstone would be a popular building material, but it also raises some interesting ideas for how Mojang can use it in the future. After all, Minecraft already has End Portals and Nether Portals, so a Grim Portal wouldn’t be too far off the mark. Additionally, nrgmix’s portal is also a great case for Amethyst, which helps alleviate the game’s dismal lack of purple.

There is still no release date set for the Caves and Cliffs update beyond the promised “mid-2021”, so Java Edition players are the only ones so far. be able to consult Grimstone for the time being. But from what players like nrgmix have shown, it will definitely be worth the wait.

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