Mohammed Siraj lost his catch today: Siraj drops Joe Root off Kuldeep Yadav in Chennai Test

Mohammed Siraj drops Joe Root: The Indian fast bowler gave up a regulation hold to give the opposition captain a reprieve.

On day four of the second test of England’s ongoing India tour in Chennai, Indian fast pitcher Mohammed Siraj denied spinner Kuldeep Yadav his first wicket in the match by dropping England captain Joe Root.

It all happened on the 47th’s second delivery when Root swept aside Yadav but got it wrong in executing the shot correctly. After dominating the shot, Root threw the ball offside.

Siraj, who was on the court at fullback, messed up a regulation hold to give Root a massive respite. Chasing a 2 overnight, Root fought hard in the morning session to score 33 * (90) at lunch.

As for Yadav, the Chinese spinner finally chose his first wicket in the form of British drummer Ben Foakes (2). Wanting to sweep Yadav away, Foakes mis-timed the shot to hit him straight to Axar Patel in the middle of the wicket.

Yadav, who played less than 10 overs on a rotating pitch, received wide support for India captain Virat Kohli, not giving him enough chances. However, the left arm bowler being among the wickets after more than two years in the cricket test should give him a lot of confidence.

England, who lost seven wickets in the second set and still need 366 points to win the game, are on the verge of losing the game.

Mohammed Siraj drops Joe Root to Kuldeep Yadav

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