Natural Beauty Tips For Oily Acne Prone Skin

Water is a vital component for oily skin. Water regulates sebaceous gland activity, and a lack of it can lead to acne. Drink eight glasses of water a day, sip water on a regular basis, and eat foods rich in water. Other natural beauty tips for oily acne-prone skin include using water-based makeup and concealer. Makeup with a water-based base won’t clog your pores.

Drink green tea or coffee because many studies show that green tea or coffee can help you to keep healthy. Some green tea blends are rich in natural oils. That makes them extremely beneficial for acne-prone and oily skin.

Avoid scrubbing your face too hard or too often, as this will strip your skin’s protective layer and lead to dehydration. Use non-comedogenic skincare products to prevent acne and prevent it. Also, eat plenty of green vegetables and citric fruits, which are high in Vitamin C. Use a toner after washing your face, and try to apply a clay mask at least once a week.

Choose a cleansing cream that contains salicylic acid or other natural ingredients that break down the oil on your face. A cleanser with this ingredient should contain two per cent salicylic acid, which breaks down the oil without drying your skin. Avoid products with drying ingredients, as they will only cause your skin to produce more oil. When buying facial cleansers, make sure they’re a plant-based product, as they’ll have better cleansing properties and not contain any harsh chemicals.

Applying an oatmeal mask twice a day can also help. It is highly absorbent, making it an excellent natural skin care product. It also acts as a mild exfoliant. Apply it to your face with a cotton ball, leave it for 20 minutes, and then wash it off with water. Another way to use oatmeal is to grind it into a fine powder or thick paste, and then apply it to your face. This paste is highly effective, and it will leave your skin feeling soft and radiant.

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