Neocov: New Strain Of Coronavirus: This Is What We Know

This may have originated in bats in South Africa and been transmitted to camels in the distant past.

NeoCov is the name of a new strain of coronavirus that Chinese scientists found in Wuhan , China. This new variant derives from a different type of virus, related to Middle East respiratory syndrome.

In the study Close relatives of MERS-CoV in bats use ACE2 as their functional receptors, published in the journal BioRxiv, it is explained that according to the analysis of different genomes of the virus, it could originate in bats in South Africa and be transmitted to camels in the distant past.

At the moment, the greatest concern of scientists is that NeoCov (new strain of coronavirus) is transmitted to humans through bats. They assure that there is “a potential threat“, that there is no evidence that this has happened before, nor is there any certainty about its transmissibility and how deadly it is.

“Given the extensive mutations in the RBD regions of SARS-CoV-2 variants, especially the strongly mutated omicron variant, these viruses may have latent potential to infect humans through further adaptation ,” they explain. in the post.

It should be noted that this research has not been peer-reviewed, that is, it has not been subjected to rigorous review by the scientific community.

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