Nightwing Brings a Whole New Meaning to His Family Name

Nightwing proves his time as the Flying Grayson is just as important as his time as a part of the Bat-Family. He’s a hero in his own right.

Warning: contains spoilers for Let Them Live !: Untold Tales from DC Vault # 2!

Nightwing brings a whole new meaning to the Flying Graysons and its surname by Let Them Live !: Untold Tales from the DC Vault # 2. Dick Grayson takes on the challenge of trying to get rid of an armed bomb without causing death. It’s a tough challenge, but as he falls, Nightwing realizes he knows everything he needs to know.

Dick Grayson, famous for being the first Robin, still lives his life as a superhero under the cloak of Nightwing. He has made the front page of several comic book series and has been a staple of the “Bat-Family”. As the Bat-Family continues to grow, Nightwing doesn’t fail to be less heroic. In fact, the more daring and independent he becomes, the more convincing he becomes as a character trying to step out of his mentor’s shadow. He had to fight his own battles while being trained in Batman’s. At the same time, he tries to be a pillar of strength and a good older brother to his foster siblings.

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Let Them Live !: Untold Tales from the DC Vault # 2 is written by Elliott Kalan with art by Mike Norton. In this issue, Ambush Bug takes readers back to the vault for a story titled “No Network,” written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing with works by Jorge Corona. It focuses on Nightwing stealing a bomb from the Order of Saint-Dumas. After being in radio silence, Nightwing calls Bruce to let him know he’s leaving the Order’s command center earlier than expected. This means that Nightwing has no typical mining methods and no way to receive traditional help from his family. Instead, he plans to jump – from up there into the troposphere.

Nightwing jumps up and after several battles in the sky, plane interruptions, and numerous calls with Batman, Barbara, Robin, and Cyborg, he formulates a complete plan – to keep falling from the sky. From how high he is with nothing but his super suit, this jump seems to automatically result in death. Batman is visibly worried because all he can do is listen to his potentially first adopted son fall to his death. Nightwing actually has a plan and it has everything to do with his origin story. As a child, Dick was part of the Flying Graysons, a circus trapeze group, before his parents’ tragic death. Due to his background, Dick not only knows how to gymnastics, but also how to fall. In fact, that’s what he tells Batman before the final jump. Thanks to the conversations he had and his observation of how high he is in relation to where he could fall, Dick did something few heroes could do.

He’s calculated his speed in relation to everything and suspects he has a safe landing zone. So he does what only he can do – he takes a leap of faith. This moment is powerful because it sums up everything that led Dick Grayson to become Nightwing, without sacrificing anything before his new super identity. He won’t always be Robin, but he will always have been Robin. He will also always have been a Flying Grayson. He’s not just a son of Batman or a sidekick. He is his own hero. Instead of relying on someone else to get him out of this situation, he relies entirely on himself and what his past has taught him. Nightwing saves the day and makes a name for himself by staying true to his original family, adding to their legacy in a way only he can.

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