Nintendo Suing Developer For $47 Million Over Patent Infringement

Nintendo is suing Colopl, developer of the White Cat Project, for approximately 4.98 billion yen (approximately $ 47 million) for 5 different patent infringements.

In 2018, Nintendo filed a lawsuit against Colopl, developer of the White Cat project, following a patent infringement complaint. The lawsuit has been going on for some time, with Nintendo claiming Colopl copied a patented control system. The developer has since changed some of its control schemes but still refuses to admit any wrongdoing.

Nintendo is known to have sued many people and companies in court. The popular Japanese publisher / developer recently won a lawsuit after a kart company was found dressing customers in Nintendo character costumes to create an actual Mario Kart. The company won $ 480,000 in damages in this lawsuit. The beloved company is very protective of its image and characters, so it’s no surprise that Nintendo is so adamant about suing people when it sees the opportunity. That said, this new costume can take things to another level.

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Nintendo’s current lawsuit against Colopl has reduced the damages sought from 4.4 billion yen to 4.95 billion yen (approximately $ 47 million) due to charges accrued over the past few years (via Siliconera and Famitsu). Nintendo is currently suing the mobile game developer for five patent infringements, including a touch control system that Nintendo has patented. Colopl publicly stated that it was “confident that our game does not infringe Nintendo’s patent rights ” and that the company would support the “legitimacy from this point of view“. Colopl would have violated in particular”the special technology used to operate a joystick on a touchscreenthat Nintendo patented. Ironically, Nintendo also found itself in deep legal waters regarding analog sticks.


The problems started in 2016 when Nintendo made complaints, but Colopl made an effort to explain to Nintendo how they didn’t copy. Apparently, it didn’t go well with Nintendo as a lawsuit started soon after. Whether or not a court will side with Nintendo remains to be seen, but given that the lawsuit has gone on for so long, it seems difficult to determine whether there really was a patent infringement.

Since Nintendo is one of the biggest companies in the world, surely there are a lot of talented lawyers out there who can help Nintendo win any kind of lawsuit with some sort of legal basis. It is likely that the prosecution will continue for some time, but given that Colopl is unwilling to give up its belief that it did not infringe the patent, it seems unlikely that any common ground will be found. found in an amicable settlement. with Nintendo.

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Source: Siliconer, Famitsu

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