Official Survey of Giant eagle [ Win a $2,000 gift card ]

Gianteaglelistens! When I say he listens, I really mean him. The giant eagle is always ready to listen to its customers and help them in any way they can. Now I’m sure you want to know all about it. So, hop aboard with me, as I present you with all the information you need to know about the giantseaglelistens.

What is Gianteaglelistens?

Gianteaglelistens is Giant Eagle’s official customer satisfaction survey. In this survey, you will be asked questions relating to your previous store visit. This survey allows you to redeem 10 advantages on your advantage card if you have one. If you don’t have the card, you will have the opportunity to enter the contest, where you could win a $ 2,000 gift card. This option is only available after you have answered honestly to all questions asked in the survey.

Why should we take this survey?

This investigation is being conducted by Giant Eagle to find out all its faults. So that they can improve on these bases and provide better services to their customers. They are always on the lookout for ways to give their customers the best they can and wonder if their customers feel satisfied or not. Thanks to this survey, they can now get all of this information. If you take the survey, you can share your personal experiences with them. If you are ready to give negative feedback, don’t back down, do it. Once you share the information, the company will work on it and make sure it doesn’t repeat itself.

Rules and regulations

Everything needs a set of rules and regulations to function effectively, in the same way an investigation also has a set of regulations to follow. So, the ones you need to follow are listed below:

  • This survey is only applicable in participating stores.
  • The gift card can only be used once.
  • The gift card received cannot be transferred or withdrawn in the form of cash.
  • Majors, meaning anyone aged 18 or over who can participate in this survey.
  • The decision of the person in charge on any problem related to this investigation is final.
  • You can get 10 perks bonus every 30 days.
  • If you have an advantage card, the 10 advantages will be added directly to your account.
  • The invoice from your previous visit to the store is very important. You cannot investigate without it.
  • Any electronic device such as smart phone, laptop, PC with good internet connection is required for this survey.
  • Giant Eagle employees cannot participate in this survey.
  • Purchases of milk, prescription drugs, alcohol and tobacco are excluded when Giant Eagle gift cards are provided as a prize.
  • One price per person is authorized per household.

How do we respond to this survey?

Knowing how to answer the survey is the most important part. So let’s go. The steps to complete the survey are mentioned below:

  • First, open the official gianteaglelistens webpage via the link provided –
  • This brings you to the official survey page, where you will be thanked for taking the time to participate in this survey.
  • You will then have to enter the survey coded which is printed on your invoice from your previous visit. Click on the blue ‘start‘option to start.

  • Several questions will be asked in the survey, which are very simple and easy. In some questions you will need to share your written comments, while in others you may need to write them down.

  • Towards the end you will be asked for your ‘genre‘and’age“.

  • Later, you will be asked for various personal details such as’Last name‘,’E-mail address“.

  • On the same web page, you will also see a space where you can enter your advantage cards number. This number is available on the back of the advantage card. Be sure to enter the 12-digit number starting with the digit “4” without including any spaces.
  • You have now completed the survey!

If you had an advantage card, remember to use the 10 advantages of the card. Otherwise, by providing your personal information, you have just entered the competition. Don’t worry, the personal information provided is never shared with anyone and is safe. If you have any technical issues, contact Giant Eagle about it via the details provided.

Giant eagle coordinates

The coordinates of the giant eagle are mentioned below. Feel free to contact them.

  • You can call them on the number provided – 800.553.2324
  • Connect with them on Facebook via the link provided –
  • Contact them on Instagram by clicking on the link provided –
  • Follow them on Twitter using this link –

Questions asked in the survey?

If you are nervous about the questions that will be asked in the survey. Next, let me tell you some of the questions you might encounter in the survey, to relax you a bit. You will be asked to:

  • Evaluate the nature of the experience you had on your previous visit to the store.
  • Express your inclination and feelings on the giant eagle.
  • Evaluate overall store maintenance
  • Staff behavior towards you


I hope you understood what exactly this investigation was all about. Share your honest comments and opinions with the company. Save time completing this survey and help the company improve the services you receive. Share your experiences with us in the comments section below. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to enter them below. Thank you! Cheers!

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