Packaging styles for custom cigar boxes

Being a vendor of cigars, you have to be very careful about the needs of your customers. This is because, with the increasing use of cigars and other tobacco products, buyers have become more conscious about their choices. These cigars are utilized by old men. Mostly, they use it for the trend. It has been in use for ages. Cigars are not just a way to fulfill the smoking addiction, rather they are considered a symbol of status. To make your cigar brand stand out in the limelight among other competitors you need to think of unique ways to present them. Get appealing and unique cigarette boxes with the box printing now.

This article will talk about the options you can choose as the basic packaging style of your cigars.

Options for packaging style for custom cigar boxes

With the custom designing option, you can choose the shape, size, and style of the packaging of your cigars according to your choice. Here are some popular packaging styles and options for cigar boxes available in the market. You can select your favorite design to further customize the look of your brand of cigars.

1. Hinged top cigar boxes

This is a great option for making custom cigar boxes and is very common among cigar companies. Hinge top cigar boxes are one-piece boxes. These boxes contain a tray with the lid attached and you can easily lift it off from the tray. The tray acts as a good way to display the cigars in an attractive yet simple way.

2. Flip-top cigar boxes

Flip to cardboard boxes are one of the most widespread packaging options for tobacco products. It is similar to most Blank cigarette boxes. This style is the most easy-to-use and simple option for cigar lovers. The most practical benefit that this design offers is the safety of cigars from falling out due to the secure packaging style.

3. Slide cover cigar boxes

Slide cover boxes also known as sleeve cigar boxes wholesale are a very stylish and unique way of packaging cigars. It is a two-piece packaging where the tray that holds the cigars consists of one piece. The other piece acts as a sleeve cover that you can remove by sliding over the tray. This type of cigar packaging not only offers the safety of the cigars but is also easy to use.

4. Tuck top cigar boxes

Tuck top boxes are the most basic design of cardboard packaging for all types of retail items including cigars. It is not very common in the packaging and the box printing designs available for cigars but it is an easy option. The secure closure will keep the product safe. Because it is a common design, you can also save money on the packaging of your cigars.

5. Shoulder style cigar boxes

Shoulder boxes are a premium packaging option for all sorts of luxury retail and gift items. If you want to present cigars as a gift, shoulder boxes are the best option. They have a sleek design and two-piece packaging. The bottom part contains the cigars and has an elevated shoulder-like part. The lid rests on this part of the bottom covering the bottom and the cigars in a secure way. You can intrigue the customers with these unique designs. However, compel the buyers with these exquisite and amazing boxes.

Multiple uses at a low price:

Companies can use cigar boxes for a number of purposes. They utilize them for making the product safe and secure. You can also uphold the originality of the product. Make it look enticing. However, it also compels the customer towards your products. Therefore, the packaging is quite necessary.

Secondly, there is a number of companies that use these sturdy boxes for advertisement. Make your packaging boxes look alluring and tempting. You can also tempt your customers with unique designs. You can also directly connect your customers with the design department. Thus, get these beautiful boxes now.

Furthermore, you can also add the brand logo as it is one of the excellent creative ideas for cigar boxes. It increases the visibility of the merchandise. Moreover, you can utilize different shades and shapes to entice the customers. Increase the visibility of cigars in unique and charming packaging boxes. Thus, escalate your sales now.

Wholesale cigar packaging boxes

Custom cigar boxes wholesale is a great way to get bulk packaging in a single order from the suppliers. If you are looking for economical ways to get your product packaging with the box printing purchase is the way to do that. The best thing about the bulk purchase is that you do not even have to compromise on quality while looking for lower prices. Wholesale suppliers use the latest techniques to produce a fine quality product to match the demands of the buyers. With bulk purchase, you can also get your hands on exclusive low price packages, discounts, and special prices.

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