Parosmia: The sequel to COVID that causes the most delicious to smell bad

Parosmia: The sequel to COVID that causes the most delicious to smell bad, Parosmia can be caused by respiratory infections, seizures, and even brain tumors.

Did you get infected with COVID-19 ? Take note, you could suffer from parosmia, a sequel derived from the coronavirus.

Although many have recovered from this disease, some patients claim that they developed a new symptom called parosmia. In other words, their perception of smell is different when detecting that, during contagion, odors are very unpleasant, even with “delicious” foods.

According to information from Dr. Richard Orlandi, an ENT physician and professor at the University of Utah , parosmia can be caused by a number of things including respiratory infections, seizures, and even brain tumors.

Throughout the pandemic, “we have observed that more patients recovered from COVID now report this symptom,” he said, admitting that so far very little is known about this sequel and its relationship with Sars-Cov-2.

Therefore, he warned that, depending on the severity of the symptom, this condition can be anything from an annoyance to a frustrating and anxiety-inducing symptom.

Although there is still no concrete information about this condition, recent studies have indicated that parosmia can last between three and six months.

Cardiorespiratory rehabilitation, important for the consequences of COVID

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) , through the Physiotherapy Clinic of the National School of Higher Studies (ENES) of León, has a project whose objective is to help people overcome the ravages of COVID.

Regarding the sensation of shortness of breath, the institution’s specialists commented “There is a reduction in their respiratory capacity, for which we work with them to increase their respiratory volumes”.

They also explained that the chest muscles are the most affected because strength is lost when breathing patterns change when people get COVID .

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