Pokémon GO March Community Day Will Spotlight Fletchling

The next Pokémon GO Community Day on March 6 has been announced to feature the very young Pokémon Fletching, with the exclusive move being Incineration.

March Community Day for Pokémon GO was revealed to play the role of the young Pokémon from the Kalos region, Fletchling. Previously, February’s Community Day had the Pokémon Gen 3 Roselia, but this upcoming Community Day skips three generations to come to have its first Kalos Community Day.

Pokémon GO continued to have community days even in the midst of a nearly year-long pandemic. For a time, Niantic had placed stay-at-home benefits in Pokémon GO, but these benefits have since been removed. Despite this, it is still possible to participate in at least the events that the Community Day has to offer, depending on where the players live.

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Niantic Pokémon GO The blog post goes into more detail on Community Fletchling Day. This will happen on March 6 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time, and as usual there is an increased chance of finding a Shiny Fletchling. If the player evolves Fletchling that day, the Evolved Talonflame will have the exclusive Incinerate move. There will also be another special paid $ 1 research article titled “The bravest bird, “as well as a one-time community day box that will contain 50 Ultra Balls, five Lucky Eggs, a Poffin, and an Elite FastTM. Finally, the event will have three times the normal exp gain for catching Pokémon, and the blog also notes that taking snapshots on Community Day will lead to a “surprise. “

This Community Day comes several months after the introduction of the Kalos Pokémon into the game. Fletchling is one of the first Pokémon in the Kalos Pokédex after the starter Pokémon, so it makes sense that this is the one that will kick off the Kalos Community Days. . Pokémon GO Usually adds one or two generations of Pokémon per year, and 2020 saw the Unova and Kalos rosters debut. It’s likely that the Alolan roster will debut in 2021 as well, especially since several Alolan forms of Pokémon Kanto are already in the game. Some Galarian forms of Pokémon are also in the game.

But until the beginnings of the next generation Pokémon GOKalos will likely stick around for a while, as the full roster has yet to be added. Legendary mascots Xerneas and Yveltal will likely be added as raids in the coming months, and other Kalos Pokémon like Bunnelby could play in the coming community days. Until then, players can get special Fletchlings on March 6 at Pokémon GO.

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