Popular 10 surfing spots in the UK for adventure seekers

The coastline of the UK spans over 11000 miles, and it’s no wonder that it is blessed with some of the finest surfing spots. As autumn kicks in, the UK becomes a Hubspot for surfing locations. If you are a surfer from beyond the UK, then no worries! Avail your UK visa and get here to experience these beautiful beaches with notable tides.

We have picked the best places to go surfing in the UK to catch some of the epic waves.

Llangennith Gower, Wales

This stunning stretch of Llangennith Gowers attracts every surfer, from beginner to professional and boogie boarders to longboarders. The spot may get busy when there is peak season, but the waves are consistent, and if you intend to take a surfing lesson, find some quieter peaks along the beach. Apart from surfing, you can also wander around the beautiful village beach and other stunning places to visit in north wales.

Croyde Beach, Devon

Croyde Beach boasts the best performance waves, where skilled and pro surfers love to dominate the high peaks. It is one of the best surfing beaches, not just because of the waves, but the beach is surrounded by shimmering golden dunes and rock pools, making it a worthwhile day out spot.

Fristal Beach, Cornwall

Cornwall has many surf spots for thrill seekers, but the Fristal beach is one of a kind. What makes it unique? Every season, the beach has got something for you. The summer brings smaller and gentler waves, perfect for water sports lessons, while the winter brings powerful waves. It is a prominent hub for international surfing contests.

Saltburn, North Yorkshire

A famous and ideal beginner surfing destination, Saltburn offers mellow waves good for longboarding and paddling your skills. And for the best part, Saltburn also has a Saltburn Surf School where you can learn or get advice on boards and conditions.

Sennen Cove, Cornwall

Seated at the end of Cornwall, Sennen Cove provides the most consistent breaks as it forms heavy swells from both north and south directions. It may be quite difficult to find a spot in the summer, but it is one of the best surfing spots in the UK. Besides the waves, Sennen Cove features a village, a surf school, a surf shop, and several beach restaurants with the best food.

Woolacombe, Devon

Woolacombe is the best beginner-friendly surfing spot in the UK, with genial tides and beach breaks. The gorgeous three-mile stretch also serves as a perfect family destination, and as the coastline is a quiet stretch, even skilled surfers can enjoy quality time with the waves. You can avoid the crowds with a walk along the stretch.

Portrush, Country Antrim

Portrush is a popular surfing spot in Northern Ireland where you can choose from a plethora of surfing spots having numerous surf schools. If you are a beginner, head to East Strand as it has smaller rollers, and for the pro surfers, Portrush has exploding waves to keep you satisfied. Surfers from all across the globe travel here to experience the excellent waves.

Polzeath Beach, Cornwall

Polzeath Beach houses one of the best surfing beaches in the UK, accessible to all levels of surfers. The beach is a perfect holiday destination, the water is excellent, and there are numerous resorts to keep you entertained. What else do you need for a great beach holiday? Polzeath Beach is the best place to dip in the water.

Thurso East, Scotland

The breakers of Thurso East are so good that even the Hawaiian pro surfer Love Hodel described the spot as the best. It boasts one of the best waves in the UK with shallow reefs, which may not be suitable for beginners. However, for experienced surfers, this is a paradise, as the peak rises triple overhead.

Porthleven Beach, Cornwall

The impressive stretch of Porthleven makes it a surfer’s heaven. Nothing can beat the scenic coast that blends the swell, wind, and perfect weather for surfing. Ensure to take extra precautions during high and low tides as the shore is surrounded by rocky bottoms.

The UK houses hundreds of surfing spots, but these are must-visit spots with the best tides.

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