Porsha’s Ex-husband Kordell Opens Up About Those ‘Beard’ Rumors

Porsha’s ex-husband Kordell Stewart recently appeared on The Tamron Hall Show, where he discussed the “ beard ” rumors from his time on RHOA.

After more than eight years since its appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha William’s ex-husband Kordell Stewart finally denounces these beard rumors. Throughout season five, Kordell’s sexuality became a topic of discussion among the show’s cast members. Kordell appeared in the fifth season of the popular Bravo series alongside his then-wife Porsha Williams.

He and Porsha tied the knot a year earlier before appearing on the show and had a televised wedding on the WE TV reality series. Platinum Weddings. At the start of their marriage, Porsha and Kordell seemed happy together and ready to start growing their family. As the season progressed, the cast began to notice cracks in their marriage, such as Porsha being controlled by her husband. It took a toll on the couple, and the divorce shortly after the season five reunion aired. Fans then began to wonder if Kordell’s sexuality was linked to the demise of their marriage.

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In a recent interview on The Tamron Hall show, Kordell opened up about his sexuality rumors that started in 1998 while playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was accused of having been arrested after committing “obscene acts“with other men in a park, Too fabulous Explain. However, no record of this arrest exists and has consistently denied rumors of the arrest. The rumors came to light during an episode of RHOA when Kenya Moore accused Porsha of being Kordell “beard.“When asked by Tamron if he expected the rumors to come to light, Kordell revealed he wasn’t surprised.”This show is all about the story and you shoot whoever the comrades of the cast are … who are on the show, what they were a part of, so there was a chance that, that [the rumor] may have infiltratedHe said, adding that the rumors had never affected his marriage to Porsha. Kordell revealed his love for Porsha was true, but the relationship started to take a turn when the show hinted at their marriage.

Conversations about ‘beards’ in my control – it becomes a whirlwind of things and she has her world that she is a part of that she wanted to do for herself to the point of breaking us apart», He concluded. When asked if he regretted doing the show, he simply said no.To be honest with you if I had to do it again I probably wouldn’t, but I’m not ashamed to do it,“he admitted.”I was really doing it for her because it was her chance to be on this stage that she’s in right now and I’m happy for her.“Kordell believes marriage is all about compromise, and sometimes those compromises can make or break the relationship. Unfortunately, his marriage to Porsha couldn’t resist the pressures of the show. Although he is happy to see at how successful she has been on the show Kordell and Porsha split in 2013 after two years of marriage.

Kordell wrote in his Players Tribute editorial that he “nothing but love“for everyone, regardless of their sexual preference. Even though his rumors were a lie, he believes they started to end his career. Kordell claims he was told by Steelers president Dan Rooney that the rumor was started by a local police officer. Although he regrets the way he denied the reports at the time, he believes society has conditioned him to have such a visceral to rumors. Kordell is at peace with the rumors. reporting and happy to see how the world has turned out since the rumors started about him.

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