President Biden Played Mario Kart With His Granddaughter To Relax

President Biden kicks off a weekend at Camp David by taking on his granddaughter Naomi at the wheel of Mario Kart Arcade GP DX.

President Biden is known to get into a few video games here and there, but according to his granddaughter, he has some reputation with Mario Kart. Many don’t realize that presidents can take advantage of Camp David’s impressive amenities, including its ever-expanding arcade. After Biden’s recent victory which was celebrated by some of streaming’s biggest personalities on Twitch, it looks like the president took his first weekend retreat since taking office on January 20 to relax and play video games. .

Of course, Biden isn’t exactly a video game noob – during his presidential campaign, Biden frequently used popular video games, including Fortnite and Animal Crossing: New horizons, to encourage the younger generations to vote. His efforts have paid off as he was elected 46th president by the most voters in American history, including many players, so suffice to say that Mr. Biden knows his way around. a controller. So it’s no surprise that he chooses to spend a few quiet hours in the seemingly very well-equipped Camp David arcade for his first official downtime as president.

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Biden and his family traveled to the official presidential retreat in the Maryland Hills on Friday with a relatively open route except for a few meetings with his security service. There the two clashed on Camp David Mario kart arcade machine. According to Naomi, Biden won the fight – but barely, she insists. For the first (confirmed) player president and his 26-year-old granddaughter, Naomi, it also meant a series of Mario kart Arcade GP DX race, and, for Joe at least, another victory in the bag. Naomi posted photos from the race on her Instagram, which were later shared by Jennifer epstein on Twitter and reported by Kotaku:

What is interesting is that Naomi calls her grandfather “rusty” when it comes to Mario Kart, which indicates that this is certainly not the President’s first trip to Rainbow Road. How good he was at the game will likely never be revealed, but his passionate karting days are likely long gone now that he’s president, considering Mario kart is a surprisingly stressful game (although it is much cheaper than golf). Naomi has once made jokes that President Biden was allowed to drive himself rather than having him heat up by the Secret Service, so let’s leave it at that.

It’s a well-deserved rest and relaxation for the first family this weekend, just in time for President’s Day. Only time will tell what other games Joe Biden and Naomi will be playing before the long weekend is over – maybe a quick trip to Joe’s private island in Animal crossing?

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Source: Jennifer Epstein / Twitter (via Kotaku)

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