Pros and Cons of Bobby Car Quads

Are you looking for a cool toy? With a Bobbycar you are on the right track. f1 remote control car from the police Bobby Car to the model in pink, there is a lot to discover. The well-known cars have a lot of advantages to offer.

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  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to use
  • Many variants
  • Different colors


  • Only suitable from a child age of one year

Characteristics of a sliding car

The Bobby Car is a stylish slide-car that allows babies, boys, and girls of early age to be fast on the road. Due to the excellent elaboration, toddlers from the twelfth month can be on the road with this fast car. Of course, the Bobby Car can also be pushed. From a motor point of view, however, it is not yet possible for many little ones at an early age to repel themselves with their feet. Therefore, it is possible to attach a push rod to the car to push the child comfortably. They can also influence the direction of travel.

The Big Bobby Car is equipped with a safety bar, which protects the child against falling out and falling. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the safety of your toddler. Furthermore, one or the other Bobby Car also has a sun canopy, which protects the child from the sun. Individual models can also be retrofitted with these accessories.

If the child is able to drive independently, you can remove the Bobby Car push rod of the slide car. The same applies to the safety bar. This sits at the front of the car. It prevents the little ones from rolling unabated into furniture or people.

The car also has a footrest that makes getting on and off very easy. best off-road RC Some cars also have a music function that plays different melodies. A horn is also included in most models.

As a rule, a good Big Bobby Car Classic is very robust and well made. The trademarks of a sliding car are their strong and beautiful colors. The classic dimensions of a Bobby Car in pink or other colors are, for example, 58 x 30 x 38 cm.

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