R Ashwin 100: Shikhar Dhawan, Wasim Jaffer, Harbhajan Singh and others praise Ashwin for the 5th century

R Ashwin 100: Playing at home, Ravichandran Ashwin followed a five-wicket turn with a century of testing.

On day three of the second Test of the ongoing English tour of India in Chennai, Indian Ravichandran Ashwin criticized all of the critics of Chepauk’s pitch with his bat marking his fifth century of testing.

Coming to bat at No.8 in the 37th, Ashwin joined captain Virat Kohli on a surface which had seen the Indian First Order collapse for few runs today.

What followed was a 96-year partnership between Kohli and Ashwin which strengthened India’s position in the game. Ashwin, who scored his first limit of the second delivery he faced, scored another in the same course to give early clues of him looking unfazed by the pitch.

As Kohli presented a masterclass by blocking the English bowlers with the utmost comfort, Ashwin continued his fast run with great authority.

Completing his half-century not long after Kohli broke the 50-point mark, Ashwin appeared to equal his captain with the bat in hand. Once Kohli was laid off in the 66th, there was a general assumption that India was regrouping without Ashwin hitting the triple-digit mark.

Beating at 56 * at that point, Ashwin raised the bar knowing he was in a race against time to complete his century. Ashwin, who needed 18 points when India’s No.11 Mohammed Siraj entered at bat, beat wisely to keep Siraj from hitting as much as possible while taking calculated risks himself to reach the triple-digit mark. in 82nd place.

R Ashwin 100

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