Why You Should Stop Sleeping With Your Pet

The European Sleep Institute recommends against sleeping with pets. We explain the reasons. For These Reasons You Should Stop Sleeping With Your Pet.

That glorious moment when your day ends, you go to sleep in your bed and your dog or cat is waiting for you to dream together is pure happiness, however, not everything is rosy. These furry ones could transmit some disease to you.visit here : zopiclone buy

According to the European Sleep Institute, of the 250 zoonotic diseases that exist, just over 100 are the result of living with dogs and cats.

The Institute explains that even if your pets are vaccinated, dewormed and regularly visit the vet, they are carriers of bacteria that they harbor naturally.

Some of the diseases that are most commonly transmitted from pets to humans are:

  • Hookworm or tropical anemia. It is a parasitic disease caused by the worms Ancylostoma duodenale or Necator americanus. It causes anemia, diarrhoea, malaise and fever.
  • Tub. Skin infection caused by mold-like parasites.
  • Antibiotic resistance due to staphylococcal infections.
  • Respiratory or allergy problems.

“Some of the scientific arguments that support this idea explain that what affects the most is the position in which the dog sleeps, in addition to the temperature difference between humans and animals, coupled with the fact that some pets snore or can cause scratches ” explains the Institute.

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