Important Things Which Have Made SaaS-Based CRM Essential for Small Businesses

Managing the business in the startup is quite essential and business owners have to focus on this stage. Business handling tricks and solutions have been upgraded as per modern needs. In the olden days, business startups have to face a lot more difficulties, and managing accurate records was quite important. In the past, manual record handling, sales counting, foxbusiness expense recording, and all business operations were manual. There were a lot more chances of mistakes and errors in the past too. Now, technology features have introduced the best platforms in form of CRMs which are an efficient solution for businesses.

Using CRMS for small businesses will be a great solution especially, in the startup. The use of CRM will improve business fractions and its capabilities. The use of a CRM for small businesses is quite important and anyone can choose the pricing plans as per their demand and affordability. It is good news for the business startups that free CRMS also come in two different categories:

  • Free but limited and this also known as freemium
  • Open Source

Freemium version will set caps on the number of free users, contacts, storage, and extra features respectively. While open source offers an unlimited and fully functional CRM option for the users. Here you need the help and support of a person who can install the CRM for your business. Here you need to know that open-source CRM companies also offer a preconfigured version.

You might be thinking about where you can get these CRMs for your business? Read the whole discussion till the end to understand everything.

1. Insightly

Insightly is a great program that can be used for free only for two users. In the free version, users will get 2500 records, 200 megabytes of storage, and two custom fields. The free version also included the 10 emails per day and an advance reporting solution. Here is an option available to upgrade the basic level for $12 per month which is quite affordable. In this basic plan, you will get 25000 records and 1 gigabyte of storage. The only system you will see in this CRM option that may keep Insightly different all the way. It has a built-in email marketing system. With the expansion of your business, you can upgrade the features of Insightly as per the demand and needs of Free recruitment software.

2. InStream

InStream is the best CRM software for small business and it is also free only for one user. The free version includes the features like 100 contacts and unlimited lists. Social integration and basic integration as well. You can better upgrade the free plan to a premium by paying $10 per month. This brilliant CRM solution will offer you the in-app suggestions and this thing is quite effective for the sales team. Feel free to get this amazing solution for your business use too. All the way, you will find it useful and smart.

3. HubSpot

Business owners need to know here that HubSpot is a 100% free CRM solution for small businesses. HubSpot CRM option is quite effective to boost business sales and it will also gather customer data and information in one place. There is no need to feel any type of worry when you are using this intelligent CRM solution. It will boost business sales and it will effectively connect the team all the time.

4. CapsuleCRM

CapsuleCRM is also offering a free version for only two users with 10 MB storage and a 250 Contacts option. Users can also upgrade their plan by paying $12 per month to the service provider. With this upgrade, users will get 50,000 contacts and integration with such applications. In this CRM platform, you may not get the customer support system if you get stuck in the middle of the night. They do not have online support and you can read their blogs to get out of the trouble. Overall, it will never make you feel down by its choice and this platform may not get into trouble by any chance.

Final Thoughts

All the above-mentioned points are much effective and useful for small businesses and especially for startups. You will perfectly find these platforms supportive for business use and it will also improve business efficiency all the way.

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