Safe way to school: How to make your child fit

Not only the first graders and primary school pupils, how to make rc helicopter generally all school children should behave and dress correctly on the way to school in order to be able to cover the way to school safely.

You have various options to prepare your child for the upcoming path to school before school starts. But even older children should always point out the right behavior in traffic. What you should consider, we explain to you here.

How can I prepare my child for the way to school?

Every way to school is different. In order for the children to do everything right on the way to school, you as a parent must sufficiently practice the necessary steps before school starts.


If you are lucky, your child can walk to school and only have a short distance to cover. If dangers can be avoided as a result, a slightly longer way to school is also recommended. Often walk the path together with your child and explain exactly that he should stop at the red light and how he should behave at the zebra crossing or when crossing the street in general. In addition, you must make it clear to your child that he must not step into the street between parked cars!

By bike

Cycling to school is more challenging, as you will have to explain to your schoolchild how to behave on the sidewalk (up to 8 years old), bike path or on the road. At the beginning, you should cover the way to school together with your child and explain all the important danger points and the right behavior. It is ideal if your child takes a bicycle test.

By bus and train

By bus and train, it is important that the child gets on the right bus or train and when and where to get off. It’s also best to explain to your child what they have to do if they missed the bus. When will the next one come? Is there still a bus coming? (Especially in rural areas this can be a problem)

How should I dress my child for a safe way to school?

In order for your child to be seen well by other road users on the way to school, you should always make sure that he wears light clothing and has a satchel with reflectors. There is also rainwear with reflective elements or even shoes with flashing inserts.

Our tip: The reflector cover of Step by Step works like a safety vest, especially for school bags. Due to the fluorescent and reflective elements, your child will be noticed faster in traffic. Equally striking are the light caps in yellow, green, or pink for your Timeless Air+ satchel from School-Mood.

If your child is cycling, it is not only important to have the right clothes, but also to ensure that the schoolchild uses a roadworthy, safe bicycle and wears a helmet.

Conclusion: Explore the way to school together with your child.

A schoolchild should be prepared each school year for how to go to school properly. Therefore, you should practice the way to school with your child on foot, by bike, or by bus and train. Walk it off together or cycle it off and explain the necessary traffic rules in road traffic and the right clothing (helmet, reflectors).

If an obstacle (construction site) blocks the way, best rc controlled car it is good if your child knows an alternative and does not return home helpless. Maybe other children who go to the same school or class can also travel to school together to make them feel safer in the group?

Not only your first graders benefit from such training, but also older children, for example when changing schools or after a move, when the way to school or the transport method (bus, train, bike) changes.

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