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Are you a teacher who wishes to teach online even when schools, colleges and all other educational institutions have reopened and classes have resumed online? Do you wish to make an additional income online by teaching students and sharing your knowledge and skills with them? Or are you a professional who wishes to experience teaching in the online mode and also benefit the students with their experience? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this article is going to be the ultimate guide for you. In this article, we will discuss online courses that are the most popular method of teaching online and delivering lectures in the online mode in the most comfortable and convenient manner. We will talk about the different aspects of such courses and answer questions like how to create an online course, what goes into the making of an online course and how you can be all set to launch your course online for the students to access. We will also discuss how selling these courses is a great source of income for many people and how you can also create and sell courses not only for your own benefit but also for the benefit of the students around the world. By the end of this article, you will have all the details and information about online courses that you will need to create and sell your online courses using the online courses platforms that exist for the same. 

Before we understand the creation and sale of online courses, let us take a look at some of the features of these courses to understand them better. Online courses are very flexible and one of the most inclusive tools offered by the education system. This method emerged during the pandemic when the online system of education was in effect and it was often impossible for the teachers and students to be available in the same virtual space at the same time. Online courses are popular as there are no limitations on who can teach or learn using these courses. 

There are three major parts to consider before your online course is finally live and available for the students to access- identifying what you will share in your course and how you wish to define every part, creating the course content and selling the online course. In the upcoming sections, we will take a look at all these aspects and help you make your online course live for sale. 

The first step is identification. First and foremost you need to identify what is it that you are willing to teach online. Once you know your subject matter or topic, you must identify the audience who would be willing to take your course and learn using the same. This will help you decide how long each module should be and which type of sources to use. This will help you identify the platform where you can sell courses. The last thing is to identify the platform for creating and selling courses. Try and choose a platform that has features for both creating and selling online courses. 

Creating online courses is very easy once you have decided the topic your course will be about and the audience you wish to target. The next step then is to arrange all your material to create course content. You can then record and edit your course videos and compile these videos with the reading material. An additional tip here would be to make the course interesting and informative, try making your videos engaging so that the learner does not lose interest in between. Add question papers and tests to the course so that the students can also monitor their progress. 

Looking at course selling, we look at popular platforms that are easily accessible across the globe. This will help you reach more students around the world. When choosing the platform for selling your courses, you must ensure that the platform makes use of advanced features that will make the procedure more convenient for the students. You must provide your contact details too to help the students send in their queries and doubts. Make sure you are available to help them solve the same. You can promote your courses using social media or by offering free trial classes or by sharing videos from your courses on popular streaming apps. 


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