Smoke Is The Lin Kuei’s Most Tragic Ninja, Not Sub-Zero

Smoke is one of Mortal Kombat’s original ninjas, but he’s always lived in the shadows thanks to a tragic series of events in the classic timeline.

Despite its origins as a simple one-on-one fighting game born in the arcades, the world of Mortal combat is full of deep and complex storytelling. Sometimes the stories get too complex for their own good, but that’s where the time flies and comes back to fix everything. Recent games in the series have taken this storytelling tradition to heart, featuring campaign modes full of hours of cutscenes. However, this was not the start. Mortal combat was telling stories pretty much from the start, but if players weren’t paying attention to the bios and endings of the fighters, they would be missing out on one of the most interesting twists in the modern trilogy. This is the tragedy of Smoke, Sub-Zero, and many cybernetic ninjas.

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The smoke was one of the Mortal combatThe Original Hidden Fighters, a gray ninja who appeared in the background of the Living Forest stage of the second game. It was only in Mortal Kombat 3 where he would get his tragic backstory. As revealed in this game, he was one of Sub-Zero’s best friends in the Lin Kuei. The two assassins ventured into Outworld to confront Shang Tsung, but never completed their mission.

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In their time away from the clan, the Lin Kuei had decided to convert their most powerful warriors into cybernetic soldiers, Sektor and Cyrax having already been transformed. Smoke and Sub-Zero resisted their clan’s ideas, but only Sub-Zero escaped robotic fate. Smoke continues his role as a hidden fighter in Mortal Kombat 3, but as a killer robot chasing his old friend.

What is Smoke’s connection with Noob Saibot

Mortal Kombat Deception Noob Saibot Smoke

His resistance to transformation saved his soul, and he eventually fought with Sektor and Cyrax alongside Sub-Zero. Unfortunately, after this battle, he was captured by Sho Kahn’s forces and disabled. His non-functioning body was transported to Outworld as a trophy and abandoned. Later in the timeline, the original Sub-Zero Bi Han (now known as Noob Saibot) discovered Smoke and fixed it. He also reprogrammed him into a staunch ally, making them a combat team in Mortal Kombat: Deception.

This is where the Smoke story ended in the original. Mortal combat chronology. Despite being there from the start and his close connections to key characters in the story, the gray palette has changed. MK ninja never really came out of the shadows. He was a pawn of both his old clan and the original Sub-Zero, converted against his will to fight his friends.

Where’s the smoke in the new Mortal Kombat timeline

Smoke Revenant Mortal Kombat 11

All this would be rectified in 2011 Mortal combat to restart. Smoke plays a major role in this game’s campaign, which depicts the battle between Lin Kuei’s cyborgs and the returning assassins. In this timeline, Raiden saves Smoke from his fate, which allows him to join Earthrealm’s forces for the first time. However, its rescue also leads directly to Sub-Zero’s cyber transformation, reversing their roles from the original games.

Like many classic characters from Mortal combat trilogy, Smoke would go on to become one of Quan Chi’s undead ghosts in modern games, retreating to the Kingdom of the Netherlands during the events of Mortal Kombat X. Still, the 2011 game made sure that the character’s backstory is now part of the main Mortal combat cannon. With the storyline restarted at the end and the future of Mortal combat in a state of flux, it is always possible that Smoke will play a vital role in the future MK installments.

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