Soulja Boy Requests Help From Tony Hawk For Video Game Idea

The latest example in a long history of hijinks, rapper Soulja Boy asks Tony Hawk to help him break into the video game industry.

Rapper, songwriter and record producer DeAndre Cortez Way, better known as Soulja Boy, asked the skater Tony hawk to help him enter into a video game contract with Activision. Soulja Boy exploded in popularity with his 2007 single, “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”, which peaked in the Billboard Hot 100 and earned the rapper $ 7 million that year. Meanwhile, Tony Hawk has a long history of branded skateboard-based video games in the Tony Hawk’s professional skater series, which began in 1999.

Tony Hawk’s video game career was recently revitalized by Tony Hawk 1 + 2 Pro Skater, a remaster of the first two games in the series. The remaster was released in September of last year and was developed by Vicarious Visions, the development studio responsible for many portable ports from previous installments as well as other classic remasters. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. While faithfully recreating the original titles, Professional skater 1 + 2 has also added a number of new features to keep longtime fans interested, especially new content after beating the main game. Online skate competitions are a major addition to the game that has only been made possible with modern gaming hardware. A free update to the remaster also added even more new content, including Crash Bandicoot cosmetic items, solo tours, and new challenges.

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In light of Tony Hawk’s recent success in video games, Soulja boy contacted Twitter to ask for help on a new video game idea. This announcement of a new video game idea coincided with the launch of Soulja game console, a Twitter account presumably managed by Soulja Boy which announces a “console to come.The Twitter page also links to an associated Instagram account, which features images of what appears to be an Xbox One console using a PlayStation 2 controller.

Surprisingly, this is not Soulja Boy’s first attempt to enter the video game business. In 2018, the rapper started selling SouljaGame Handheld and SouljaGame Classic, two game consoles that turned out to be overpriced emulators. The consoles were virtually identical to similar emulators, although they were priced much higher than these identical products. Unsurprisingly, these emulators were quickly removed from the rapper’s digital storefront after Nintendo threatened litigation, but Soulja Boy didn’t learn his lesson as he quickly started selling a PlayStation Vita instead.

Soulja Boy has built a surprisingly long and fun history in the video game industry, and his latest tweets simply continue that trend. By contacting Tony Hawk, the rapper no doubt hopes to gain credibility with publishers like Activision, but his chances of success remain slim. Tony Hawk 1 + 2 Professional Skater has given the skateboarding legend a new hit in the minds of gamers, and he’s unlikely to willingly tarnish that reputation.

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Source: Soulja Boy / Twitter, SouljaGame / Twitter

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