Spider-Man’s Tom Holland Praises Zendaya For Being His Celebrity Life Coach

Tom Holland praises his Spider-Man co-star Zendaya in a recent interview, highlighting how she has helped him as his life has changed.

Tom Holland praises his Spider Man co-star Zendaya, explaining how she helped him as his life changed. The pair initially shared the screen together in Spider-Man: Homecoming, with the 2017 film launching the two actors to a new level of fame.

Back for the rest of 2019, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Zendaya has gone from a supporting role to a bigger player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her character, MJ, gets close to Peter Parker (Holland) and the two end the sequel in a very different place to where it started. The relationship between Peter and MJ is something that many MCU fans hope to see more carefully explored in Spider-Man 3, which is currently running.

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The chemistry Holland shares with Zendaya is one of the main reasons the on-screen duo works well together, and in a new interview with In the wings, Holland explains in detail how much Zendaya has helped her career and her life. After naming Robert Downey Jr. as his first choice for an interim mentor, Holland cites Zendaya’s influence. You can read his full quote below:

The second person would probably be Zendaya. When we started shooting the first [“Spider-Man”] film, she, Jacob [Batalon], and I all became best friends. She’s been so helpful in the process of changing my life because not only are you making great movies and traveling the world, but everyone is starting to know who you are. And you have to behave differently. You have a responsibility to somehow champion this idea of ​​being a role model for young children. And, arguably, she is the best at it. You really can’t find anything against Zendaya, she’s kind of the perfect person. It was so wonderful to have someone like her in my corner, to help me grow in this process. And, yes, I made mistakes – I went through a phase where I hated taking pictures with people, and I was like, “No, no, no, just leave me alone! She really taught me, she said, “That would probably stress you out more than saying yes and being nice about it.” She was so right. It made this whole process so much more enjoyable. Having her as a friend has been invaluable to the success and happiness of my career and my life.

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Holland’s remarks speak to the different experiences in the entertainment industry that Zendaya has had. The actress began her career as a child model and backup dancer before gaining a prominent place through her role as Rocky Blue in the Disney series. Shake it. Given the intense fandom that the Disney series conjures up with its viewers, as Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus can attest, Zendaya was considerably more used to dealing with an outsized celebrity. Meanwhile, before being cast as the MCU’s Spider-Man, Holland’s films were largely limited to depictions of historical dramas and family thrillers. However, since appearing as the Friendly Neighborhood Web-Slinger, he could no longer maintain relative anonymity. It would make sense for Holland to need some time to adjust, and it’s great to hear that Zendaya made a point of helping him.

As the duo continue to challenge each other with unique performances, I hope they can work together on a different project in the future. Holland and Zendaya both received high praise for their tricks cherry and Malcolm and Marie, respectively, and it would be interesting to see how their friendship would translate into characters other than MJ and Peter. Maybe they could end up in a horror movie or romantic comedy. Considering the following elements they’ve built, any potential collaboration would get a lot of attention. For now, I hope they will have plenty of time in the next Spider Man movie.

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