The Avatar Story Netflix Should Really Tell

Instead of a redundant remake of The Last Airbender, Netflix should tell the compelling story of Avatar Kyoshi by adapting The Rise of Kyoshi.

Netflix is ​​currently working on a live adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender, but there is another interesting story in the Avatar universe waiting to be adapted to the screen: FC Yee and Avatar the novel by co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino The rise of Kyoshi, as well as its sequel, The shadow of Kyoshi. Both books take place hundreds of years before The last air Master and follow Kyoshi, the Avatar of Earth who preceded Avatar Roku, as she steps into her role as Avatar. While a live-action remake is arguably redundant, an adaptation of these books would add something new to the Avatar franchise

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The announcement that Netflix is ​​remaking The last air Master was initially excited, especially since the original creators of the series, Bryan Konietzko and DiMartino, were to be heavily involved. The duo were not included in the development or production of the famous film adaptation of the M. Night Shyamalan series, so fans viewed their involvement in the Netflix project as a promising sign. However, DiMartino and Konietzko left the show, claiming that their view of the narrative was not supported. This dramatically diminished enthusiasm for the upcoming series, which is still in pre-production.

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The last air Master is a beloved TV series, and it’s unlikely that a remake could live up to the magic of the original. It’s also unlikely that a remake could look like anything other than a retread of iconic moments, especially without guidance from DiMartino and Konietzko. With The rise of Kyoshi, Netflix has the option to create live action Avatar story that has not yet been started on screen. Author Yee worked with DiMartino to create Kyoshi’s Journey, so he already has the creative approval of one of the co-creators, and the novel is most certainly the thematic successor to the two. Avatar series, although it took place in the past. Here are all the reasons Netflix should adapt The rise of Kyoshi instead of redo The last air Master.

A new age

Aang’s time as the Avatar was defined by the Hundred Years War – both its conclusion and its aftermath. Korra had to consider the role of the Avatar in a changing world full of spiritual conflicts and new ideologies. Kyoshi’s world is also in conflict, but in very different ways. It’s fractured: The Earth Kingdom is in disarray, ruled by quarrelsome, indifferent politicians, and beset by groups of wandering outlaws. Even the role of the Avatar is a point of contention; everyone, including Kyoshi, spends years believing the Avatar to be a powerful earthbender named Yun, and there are huge consequences when Kyoshi steps into his true power. The political rush to control the Avatar echoes Korra’s relationship with Tarrlok, Unalaq, and President Raiko, but politics is explored even further in Kyoshi’s story.

Viewers of The last air Master have already seen Aang’s world, so vividly brought to life in the animated series. What they haven’t seen is the Fire Nation before the Hundred Years War, or the Air Nomads in their heyday, both of whom are essential to Kyoshi’s development as an Avatar. Adapting Kyoshi’s story instead of remaking Aang’s would allow for a deeper exploration of the history of this world and give fans something new to explore. It’s an entirely different environment, filled with new challenges for the Avatar.

Different characters

We Learn Avatar Kyoshi was 230 years old in Avatar The Last Airbender Prequel Novel

The characters of The last air Master are already well established and loved, and the Netflix remake would face the immense challenge of recreating their charms. Instead of relying on previously written characters, they could bring Kyoshi and his companions to life and give viewers a whole new set of Avatar characters to fall in love with. Kyoshi herself is a very different person than the full-fledged avatar seen in The last air Master; She begins her journey unsure of herself and her bending abilities, and her progression leads her in a different direction than Aang or Korra. Kyoshi is also not the only Avatar featured in these novels, which provide more information about Avatar Yangchen and Avatar Kuruk. They even feature a new Avatar in the canon: Avatar Szeto, the Avatar of the Fire Nation before Avatar Roku. Adapting their stories would deepen the lore surrounding avatars instead of revisiting what viewers already know.

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Additionally, Team Avatar’s version of Kyoshi is unlike any seen in The last air Master or Legend of Korra. She and her firebender friend Rangi join a group of charismatic outlaws known as the Flying Opera Company, creating an interesting dynamic as Kyoshi tries to figure out what is right and fair. The rise of Kyoshi Also introduces a fascinating villain to Jianzhu, who will stop at nothing to regain control of Kyoshi and unify the Earth Kingdom. With these new benders come new bending techniques including dust removal and fog. Kyoshi’s shadow even confirms the possibility of bending the glass. Visually adapting these new techniques would be much more interesting than recreating those already seen in The last air Master.

The Legend of Korra’s Thematic Successor

Kyoshi’s story is a worthy successor to Aang and especially Korra, sharing a lot of themes from these series and dealing with mature situations not seen in both. In The last air MasterKyoshi’s time as the Avatar is associated with her strong sense of justice, but throughout her journey she constantly questions what justice really is. Who deserves the harshest punishment and who deserves another change? Kyoshi’s two novels openly deal with death, and the fighting is much more violent and deadly than those seen in either. The last air Master. These fights are the natural successor to the most brutal ones seen in Legend of Korra, especially the clashes with the Red Lotus.

Another similarity between Korra and Kyoshi’s stories is their romantic relationships. Like Korra, Kyoshi is bisexual. She begins a relationship with her friend and bodyguard Rangi which continues throughout the novels. Korra and Asami’s romantic relationship didn’t have much time Legend of Korra, although it was explored in more detail in subsequent comics. An adaptation of The rise of Kyoshi would be able to put Kyoshi and Rangi’s relationship at the forefront and pay homage to Legend of Korra revolutionary end.

Strong demand

A profile screenshot of Avatar Kyoshi from Avatar: The Last Airbender

There has been a massive resurgence The last air Master and Legend of KorraThe popularity of the series following the release of both series on Netflix in 2020. The last air Master broke a major Netflix record, remaining in the streaming service’s top 10 TV shows for two months. Both shows have attracted new fans, fans who love this world and these characters. It makes sense to continue the Avatar Cycle story with Kyoshi’s story: clearly fans want more Avatarrelated content – the back-to-back comics are a hit and Kyoshi’s two novels were bestsellers – and Kyoshi is one of the more intriguing avatars of the past.

Another series taking place in the Avatar The universe would be wonderful, but a live-action remake isn’t the right way to celebrate the success of the original show, especially not when the story of another interesting Avatar is already ripe for adaptation. A show based on The rise of Kyoshi has the potential to be just as daring and exciting as The last air Master or Legend of Korra. If Netflix rose to the challenge, Kyoshi’s story would inform the original animated series with its deep lore and history, but also be able to stand firmly on its own.

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