The Avengers’ Version of the Batcave Just Became Way Cooler Than Batman’s

It’s no longer the villains of Batcave who have their sights set on them, but the arctic lair of the Avengers encompassing a celestial himself known as Avengers Mountain.

Warning: contains spoilers for Avengers # 42

As DC Comics ‘Batcave has established itself as comics’ most widely recognized superhero lair, the latest issue of The Avengers allowed the current seat of the titular team to win the title. As if Avengers Mountain couldn’t get more of an incredible feat, writer Jason Aaron (The mighty Thor, Punisher Max) and artist Luca Maresca (Asgardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man Friendly Neighborhood) have established a fascinating new element in the Avengers’ divine base.

The Enter the Phoenix the arc continues with The Avengers # 42, which marks the grand debut of a new item in the Avengers Mountain of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The Avengers remain at odds with the raging force of Phoenix, which has taken control of several mainstay heroes and threatens to destroy everything in its fiery wake. Fearing to attack the Phoenix Force directly, it would result in more destruction than expected, the Avengers devise a plan using the intricate anatomy of their own base. The almost indestructible structure of the Celestial would indeed contain the powerful onslaught of cosmic abilities of the Phoenix.

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Housed inside an ancient celestial being known as the Progenitor, Avengers Mountain has served as the primary base of operations for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes since 2018. Avengers World Tour scenario. After foiling the plans of their first foe, Loki, and his allies, the Immortal Celestials left the Avengers with a farewell gift as a token of their gratitude … one of their own. Progenitor, the very first celestial to visit planet Earth, would become the base of the team’s new base as well as a sign of doom for any hostile force seeking war. In order to adapt to the living conditions of the group, Black Panther’s home nation, Wakanda, and the Alpha Flight space program collaborated to make the celestial body much more comfortable.

Avengers Mountain

The Crown Jewel of Avengers Mountain is the Celestial Teleporter capable of transporting team members to multiple locations across the planet. During the Marvel Massive War of the Realms crossover event in 2019, the transporter was out of service while Doctor Strange would use his mastery of magic to evacuate half of New York City to the Avengers Mountain Headquarters, which would quickly find itself under siege by creatures from across the world. Nine Realms. . Currently, the Celestial Teleporter has proven to be an asset in the Avengers’ ongoing crusade against the Phoenix Force, tracing the entity’s radiance signature.

An even more questionable addition to the interior design of Avengers Mountain is the mutant Devil Dinosaur, which shares similarities with the T-Rex depicted in some iterations of Batman’s Batcave, from comics to cartoons. While the Batcave’s T-Rex is simply an animatronic model, the Avengers have theirs, thanks to Devil Dinosaur’s young mate Lunella Lafayette, aka Moon Girl.

In addition to personal accommodations for each team member, Avengers Mountain is teeming to the brim with technological and architectural advancements that make The AvengersThe previous headquarters and the Batcave are pale in comparison.

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