The Benefits of Owning a Smart Toothbrush

The Internet of Things is bringing new innovations and measurable benefits to our everyday lives, including in the world of oral healthcare. The smart toothbrush market is growing rapidly, with manufacturers offering a range of connected brushing devices that can help you improve your oral hygiene by tracking your habits, alerting you when it’s time to brush again, and sending notifications with tips on how to brush more effectively. Smart toothbrushes are a great investment for your oral health, as they offer measurable benefits compared to a standard manual toothbrush. Here are some of the pros of owning a smart toothbrush:

Time-saving benefit

A Smart Toothbrush can help you save time while brushing, as it alerts you when it’s time to move to another part of your mouth. For example, an electric toothbrush with a built-in timer will let you know when you’ve spent the recommended two minutes brushing your teeth. For those who don’t tend to keep track of the time while brushing, this can be a real time-saving benefit. Having a timer built into your toothbrush can also give you an indication of how well your brushing. If you’re thorough, you should be able to complete the two-minute brushing cycle with no problem.

Improved brushing technique

A smart toothbrush can help you improve your brushing technique, as many models can be used in tandem with dentist-recommended toothpaste that contains whitening or anti-plaque agents that will also help you in how to get rid of adderall tongue. The built-in sensors in smart toothbrushes can alert you to how effectively you’re brushing, and can provide real-time feedback on the best way to brush more effectively. For example, they can tell you if you’re not covering the entire surface of your teeth, if you’re not spending enough time brushing each part of your mouth, or if you’re applying too much pressure while brushing.

Continuous improvement of your oral health

Your oral health doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time to strengthen your teeth and gums. Many smart toothbrushes are designed to be used for two minutes twice a day. It may not seem like a lot of time, but spending just 10 minutes a day brushing your teeth can have a significant effect on your oral health. It’s also important to remember that oral health doesn’t happen overnight, so be realistic about its progress. A Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush can help you monitor and track your brushing progress over time, which can be a great way to see how your brushing habits are improving your oral health. 

Remote monitoring of your oral health

A smart toothbrush can offer an added level of remote monitoring of your oral health, helping you to keep track of any changes in your brushing habits. For example, if you begin taking medication that effects the strength of your teeth and gums, a smart toothbrush can help you track this change and let your dentist know that you’re adjusting your medication and why. What’s more, Oclean smart toothbrushes are equipped with soft Electric Toothbrush Heads to take the best care of your oral health.

Smart toothbrush FAQ

Will a smart toothbrush improve the quality of my oral health? Yes. A smart toothbrush can help you improve your brushing consistency, and can offer an added level of remote monitoring of your oral health. Do I need to buy a new toothbrush to use a smart toothbrush? No. The majority of smart toothbrushes are designed to be used with a standard manual toothbrush. What are the best smart toothbrushes? While there are many options available on the market today, the best smart toothbrush for you depends largely on your brushing needs.

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