The Best Concert Venues in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is an active and incredible city that will stun anyone who lives here!  From the live shows you can catch every night to the fantastic local bands and musicians, you’ll fall in love with the music scene.

If you want to catch the best shows possible, it’s important to know where the best venues are!  These are the ones to keep an eye out for!

Franklin Music Hall

Once a part of the General Electric Switchgear Plant, this music hall now entertains up to 3,000 people per show!  Massive with an edge for theatrics and gorgeous light displays, every show here is groundbreaking and incredible.  Although it can be expensive to see some of the international concerts that pop through, it’s worth it to catch performances in a music hall that stuns every time.  No two shows are the same here, and you’ll love it.

The Mann Center

The Mann Center is one of the best nonprofit performing arts centers in the country.  Offering the chance to explore the summer home of the Philadelphia Orchestra, you can take in jazz, pop, rock, or countless other shows.  This theater is open-air, allowing you to take in the surrounding beauty of the area while enjoying the show.  Crowds get incredibly loud here, so don’t be afraid to sing along with them!  You’ll feel more connected to the city here than anywhere else.

The Met Philadelphia

If you’re ready to cut loose after looking at houses for rent in Philadelphia: it’s time to check out the Met.  The Metropolitan Opera House is one of the oldest opera houses in the United States.  Although it’s gone through many different lifetimes and has been used for several purposes, it reopened as a theater in 2018.  This is a great destination to watch anything from Jay Z to live performance theater, depending on what strikes your fancy.  This is a great destination for a historical show.

Wells Fargo Center

Although this multi-purpose indoor arena serves as the home of the Philly Fliers of the NHL, it’s also home to endless live shows and concerts in the off-season!  Here you can catch top stars belting out incredible songs or visit a 76ers game for the NBA!  This is possibly the best-known venue on this list, and it puts on incredible shows year after year!

Theater of the Living Arts

This theater dates all the way back to the early 1900s when it started as a nickelodeon.  Locals would come by with five cents and pay to watch a series of short films that would range from dramas to comedies.

Since then, it’s been reworked into a concert venue unlike any other.  Home to the renowned Philadelphia Orchestra, it’s where you should go to see one of their performances, but you can also catch jazz, rock, pop, and so much more.

Philadelphia Knows Good Music!

Philly has perfected a few things, like food and art, but the music scene takes the cake as the best thing to check out!  Consider visiting some of these venues the next time you’re in town!

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