The best places to anchor for the day in Cannes & St Tropez

With some of the wildest parties, the most exclusive beach clubs, and warm, crystal-clear waters, the French Riviera is a summertime destination. We have created for you our A list of the best spots to anchor off of in the South of France so that you may enjoy your stay. With a variety of housing alternatives, including some of the top hotels in the world, large collections of villas, and some of the greatest superyachts.

Pampelonne Beach

Although Ramatuelle is the actual location, the mythical Pampelonne beach is St. Crown Tropez’s crown jewel of beaches. Over five kilometres of stunning, white sand divide the Mediterranean Sea from acres of dunes covered in vegetation. It’s a natural wonderland that makes for a perfect spot to anchor off on a boat and provides a rural setting for the classiest beach party scene on the planet.

There are currently 26 beach restaurants where you may eat, drink, show off, or sleep on a comfortable lounge chair and/or mattress while gazing at the waves, following the recent closing of the storied (some would say notorious) Voile Rouge. The bulk of the “beach clubs” where royalty, presidents, models, oligarchs, and celebrities hang out were constructed in the 1950s and 1960s and are still in use today. Despite being referred to as “beach clubs,” there is just a one-time rental charge of around €30 (depending on the season) for a lounge chair or umbrella.

Every restaurant has a unique vibe all its own. The king of the clubs is without a doubt Nikki Beach, which has its own pool and is constantly surrounded by young clubgoers sobering up from the previous night. Since Nikki Shore is a few dozen metres from the beach, it isn’t strictly a beach club. In addition, Club 55 is highly renowned for being stylish, approachable, welcoming, and hip all at once. Celebrities may easily be spotted there. At the southern end of the beach is the hip L’Esquinade beach, which boasts a laid-back vibe and inexpensive prices. The restaurants on the southern end of the beach are frequently more laid-back and slightly less pricey.

The iles de lerins

These Mediterranean tourism hotspots offer visitors a rare combination of flora and fauna in addition to an intriguing past that includes the mystique of the Man in the Iron Mask and the serenity of Cistercian monks.

The biggest of the Lerins Islands is Saint Margaret (Île Sainte-Marguerite), while Saint Honorat (Île Saint-Honorat) is a tiny island that is held by Cistercian monks. The latter two islands are tiny and uninhabited. The islands may be reached by ferry from Cannes, Antibes, Nice, and other French Riviera cities. The islands are close to Cannes.

The upscale beach La Guérite is the ideal spot for a yacht to anchor off of since it is a haven with a breathtaking view of the harbour of Cannes that draws seasoned travellers. For a day of relaxation, the world’s elite go to La Guerite and its restaurant, which are located under the island’s royal fort. La Guerite astounds with its allure and authenticity in the peculiar setting of the Island of the Man in the Iron Mask, turning the fortunate visitors who come there by boat every day into members of the elite.

Enjoy Greek chef Yiannis Kioroglou’s delicious Mediterranean fare, which he expertly prepares by combining baking, braising, and grilling. You may relax on a beach bed with a drink or a bottle of local wine. Finally, relax your feet on the sand while enjoying a lobster and the music provided by the performers. At La Guerite, everything is focused on fun and relaxation. For a beautiful day sailing between the Lerins Islands by yacht or sailboat, a stay at La Gue

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