The Future Justice League is Fixing The Original Team’s Mistakes

In the latest issue of Future State: Justice League, the new League is rejecting the old rules and making their way as the next generation.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: Justice League # 2 by Joshua Williamson and Robson Rocha

In DC Comics’ Future state, the next generation of Justice League ended up playing by the rules of the old league, determined to learn from their mistakes and be better, rather than being limited by them. When the White Martian team known as the Hyperclan attacked the League and imprisoned them in an alternate reality, the new Justice League of the Future soon realizes that to win the day, they’re going to have to learn to trust more. that they’ve never had it before, choosing to ignore the rules set by their predecessors in the DC Universe.

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In Future State: Justice League # 2 From writer Joshua Williamson and artist Robson Rocha, the Hyperclan is believed to have emerged victorious, believing they managed to trap the League in the same reality where the old Justice League trapped them. Moreover, the Hyperclans themselves have replaced the League by taking their likenesses, making the world love them so as not to arouse suspicion about their true plans to enslave all of humanity. Meanwhile, the true Justice League of the future is trapped in a realm of fire and ash. As they try to find a way to escape, they quickly realize that they are going to have to trust each other if they are to make it out alive, despite the rules prohibiting personal interactions set out in the Charter. Justice League. . Designed as a series of policies and precautions to keep the team safe, the Charter was created by the former Justice League after it was betrayed.

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Either way, the new League decides that knowing each other on a deeper level is the only way they can trust each other. This ultimately helps them escape, as the team learns more about the New Flash and its ability to share its speed with the rest of the team. A move like this also required a lot of confidence, and the League was able to leap through the multiverse and return to their own world. As a result, the new League quickly defeated the Hyperclan, stronger than ever thanks to their newfound mutual trust. Likewise, a new era was born in the wake, one where Green Lantern Jo Mullein takes the reins as the new leader of the League and decides to reject the old charter, choosing instead to create new rules for the new League where they can learn from mistakes. of the old team.


The really cool thing about this move is not only that the Justice League will be stronger and better thanks to the newfound trust that they will share, but they will also have the opportunity to bond stronger with each other. others as friends, which will allow them to fight as far as they will fight to protect the rest of the world. Additionally, now that they are breaking Charter rules, they can now expand the squad roster as they see fit. As such, the problem ends with the new League exploring their options for who else they might want to add to their ranks, and that’s a pretty impressive roster.

While the old Justice League may have made mistakes and was potentially right to narrow things down in its time, it was wrong to hold back the next generation of heroes, who likely could have benefited much sooner by coming together. trusting and being more than just allies from the start. Anyway, a new dawn has come for the Justice League DC Future state, and that’s pretty exciting all things considered.

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