The Growth of Cricket Betting in The Past Decade

Cricket’s origin may not be clear, but the opportunities that lie within it are unprecedented. Cricket has a rich gambling history that spans decades. Over the years, cricket games have had something to offer to all types of punters. From the serious bettor with heavy stakes to the normal fan who risks a modest bet, cricket covers it all.

However, this was not always the case. If you were to compare cricket betting in the past decades to how it has developed now, you’d realize that cricket has developed leaps and bounds. 

In its infancy, cricket was a preserve of the rich. The sport was almost inaccessible in that you had to attend the match to acquire the data required as a punter. Betting on cricket was still very popular to the extent that the press reported on odds rather than the actual game coverage.

In this article, you will learn the different ways in which Cricket betting has grown in the past decade.

1. Quality Betting Sites and Newer Markets

In the past decades, Cricket had fairly few markets. It was nearly impossible to bet on other aspects of the game other than who was going to outrightly win the match. Bookies only had odds that covered a handful of scenarios in the match and often overlooked things like player performance. 

Safe to say that these odds weren’t as remotely attractive to the punter, to say the least. This put off a lot of bettors who sought better markets

The number of bookies that actively covered cricket was also relatively small. Odds provided by these bookies made it unattractive to switch bookies. This limited the bettor, backing them to a corner. 

However, this has changed. With modern technology, newer performance metrics can be analyzed and the punter has a wide range of choices to wager on. People can even bet on player performance without having to stake on the outcome of the game. 

This enables you to bet on your favorite players. This has been made possible by the use of quality betting applications and sites. Speaking of which, you can find a great cricket betting app here. Choose an app with quality odds and generous bonuses. Also, ensure, it has a great reputation.

The number of bookies has also increased forcing betting applications to revise their odds and offer attractive odds and bonuses to the gambler. This gives the punter a wide range of bookies and markets to choose from.

2. Live Streaming of Cricket Matches

The current World is fast-paced. There exist so many things to do yet so little time. This poses a challenge to a cricket fan who possesses the passion but lacks the time to watch cricket the whole weekend. Betting apps have now started to live-stream cricket matches on their sites.

The streaming of events offers convenience to the users as they can easily watch and access the development of the game wherever they are without switching screens. They can also place live bets and take advantage of the tidings of the game.

3. Mobile Betting

Before the development of mobile technology, one had to physically make bets at a land-based bookmaker. This brick-and-mortar system was tedious and often discouraged punters to lay bets. Gambling was often left to the fanatics who rarely left the bookies.

The introduction of mobile devices eventually led to the rise of mobile betting. Mobile betting birthed online betting as well as mobile betting apps. All these were answers to the problem that plagued the brick-and-mortar approach of manually placing your bet slips at the physical sportsbook.

Mobile betting apps and online betting made betting less hassle-free and less time-consuming. One can now bet on a cricket match from the comfort of their couch while watching the game. If by chance you win, your winnings will be transferred to your mobile banking account as well. The ease of mobile betting quickly transformed cricket betting to become mainstream      

4. The Impact of the Internet

The internet has made the world one central market. This has enabled the diffusion of different cultures. Cricket has moved from being a sport only for the rich to a common stay sport. This can be attributed to the rate at which knowledge is being shared on the internet. An example of this can be seen in the famous video on the internet of the native Maasai morans in Kenya playing cricket.

The internet has been a great enabler, in that its use has fueled a greater understanding of the sport worldwide. With greater knowledge to support accurate speculation, cricket betting keeps growing. 

5. Prescence of Natural Breaks

Cricket, unlike other sports, does not occur round the clock. The matches are usually spaced offering the punter a well-deserved break from gambling. This is unlike sports like soccer where it is possible to find a match and bet on it every day for 365 days a year. 

This usually exhausts and overloads the user as the number of matches and amount of data available increase. The natural breaks in cricket make it an enjoyable sport to gamble on  

6. Easy To Understand and Make Money

 Cricket once understood is fairly straightforward. The ease at which punters make money in the Cricket industry is incomparable to any other sport. The fact that just a handful of nations and teams excel at cricket makes it somewhat easier to predict outcomes and place wagers on matches. 

Who then would want to stop at something fun that earns them a few extra coins? This mere fact alone has induced many to enter the field of cricket betting in a bid to master the game and win against the bookies. This has led to tremendous growth in cricket betting.


As cricket betting continues to rise, you should ask ourselves where the limit is for this sport. You can expect the growth to continue over the decades as more and more people buy into cricket and start enjoying the matches. The sport is set to witness nothing but positive growth rates in the world of cricket betting, at least for the next few decades    


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