The New Green Lantern Finally Cuts Loose With Her Ring

Green Lantern rookie Sojourner “Jo” Mullein has just unleashed the full power of her unique ring during her intricate investigation into the Sustainable City.

Warning: contains spoilers for Distant Sector # 10!

Jo Mullein finally broke with her ring while serving as The Green Lantern, showing magnificent and ambitious constructions in its rage against injustice. Trying to solve murders in an alien society in which emotions are artificially suppressed has pushed Sojourner to her own emotional limits. Distant Sector # 10, by NK Jemisin and Jamal Campbell, and now she’s paying the price.

The City Enduring is a planet populated by three extraterrestrial species who, by the laws of their society, are all subject to emotional exploit; a techno-virus that suppresses emotions. Although most see their society as a paradise, Switchoff, a drug that reverses the emotional feat, has caused disruption and conflict. The ruling council is requesting the services of a Green Lantern to help investigate the world’s first murders in centuries. The Green Lantern Corp sent Sojourner “Jo” Mullein, a rookie lantern with a prototype ring that recharges itself but has limited power. In Distant Sector # 9, Jo has discovered and infiltrated an intergalactic sweatshop linked to her case, and in issue # 10, she doesn’t like what she finds.

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The full force of Jo’s ring and rage was unleashed when she witnessed the horrific abuse at the Alien Memes Factory. Between trying to deal with this world’s views on her emotions and the limitations of her ring, Jo has gone for diplomacy and tact where possible. However, his reaction to seeing a guard force someone to take Switchoff against his will, in Distant Sector # 10, was pure fury. Before being quickly knocked out and overpowered, Sojourner displayed an astonishing display of strength, using swirling energy blasts and ornate constructions to tear the facility apart.

The nature and extent of the power wielded by Sojourner is of particular interest to the Peace Division, responsible for maintaining order in the sustainable city. They monitored and investigated his ringing ability during a demonstration and potential riot in Distant Sector # 4, taking note that once her power is exhausted, it may take some time for the ring to be useful again, indicating their intention to use this vulnerability against her. They have good reason to be wary of her, as she has also done the seemingly impossible and hacked the Internet of City’s Enduring, using her ring to digitally insert herself.

It is a mark of Jo’s approach, showing subtlety and finesse. Her ring is more reliable than any other, but also comparatively underpowered, which means that ever greater display of power leaves her vulnerable for longer and longer. After her actions in the meme sweatshop, she is accused of being afflicted with temporary emotional insanity, pointing to the other way she was coerced by this mission. In time, Jo will be known as the best sleuth on Earth, but she currently has her work cut out for her.

As City Enduring continues to experience societal upheaval and the governing council begins to fall into a hostile coup, Jo’s mission becomes increasingly complex. She is in a position that no other lantern has been in and chooses the appropriate places to unleash all of her power. The Green Lantern capabilities is imperative. Those who would like to undermine her watch her and wait to take advantage of her righteous fury and limited building energy, but Sojourner refuses to see her emotions as a weakness, and her show of strength this issue proves that even though she is incredibly intelligent. and focused character, she also knows when to pull away.

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