The remembered Giorgio Chinaglia

It is not rare to see excellent Italian players who decide to remain for most of their careers in their home country. After all, Italy offers one of the best football competitions in the entire world. Punters can make Nigeria bet on 1xBet website on all matches played in this fascinating competition.

Giorgio Chinaglia was a prolific striker who, unlike most of his fellow countrymen, started his career not in Italy but actually in the United Kingdom. After a few years in that country, he finally secured moves through different Italian teams, until eventually landing on the New York Cosmos. Here he would become a total legend of this team. The 1xBet Nigeria website allows all its members to bet on the excellent things that Italian and American football can offer.

Wales and Italy

The team where Chinaglia started his career was Swansea Town. This squad is based in Wales, and participates in all kinds of tournaments in English football. His debut came in 1964, and he played in Swansea for two years until 1966, where he moved to his native Italy. The website features all the squads where the striker played later in his career, and examples include:

  • Massese;
  • Internapoli;
  • and Lazio.

However, Chinaglia’s career started to truly take off once he arrived at Lazio. This happened in 1969, and played for this Italian team until 1976. The excellent squads that participate in the Serie A can be wagered on the 1xBet platform.

In fact, the striker became the capocannoniere of the 1973-74 season. The tons of goals that he scored during that period also helped Lazio to claim their first Serie A title ever.

Moving to the United States

One of the most remembered football teams from the United States are the New York Cosmos, where names like Pelé and Franz Beckenbauer played. Some excellent live football odds are available on, which can be used to wager on the current MLS.

Chinaglia was signed by Cosmos in 1976, and he quickly became a legend of the club. He was crucial in helping his team to become the best football squad in the country. This also contributed to a significant growth in the popularity of the sport in this part of the world.

In total, the Italian scored almost 200 goals in the United States, and guided Cosmos to four titles. Also, he is the top scorer in the history of the now defunct North American Soccer League. The best live football odds are available on the 1xBet bookmaker, which help punters to make profitable wagers on the entertaining MLS.

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