These 6 Habits Are Damaging Your Hair

Self-care entails a lot of things, including how you take care of your hair. Many people take care of their hair in many ways without even knowing if they are the right ways. There are things you could be innocently doing that could be causing damage to your hair without even you knowing about it. Hair can easily break, so check out the following habits that could be causing damage to your hair.

Incorrect Brushing

It is common for most people to start brushing their hair from the roots going to the ends. Doing this pushes the tangles towards the end and makes it worse. The more you brush it, the more the hair breaks. The best way to brush your hair correctly is to choose the right brush. Use a wide-toothed comb and start brushing from the end, going towards the roots. It is also advisable not to brush the hair frequently to prevent shedding.

Using Harsh Chemical Products

When using casino NetBet, you want to know they are legit and provide the best products. This goes the same for the sites you buy your hair products. Some brands have hair products with harsh chemicals that damage your hair. Chemicals like perms, parabens, silicones, and alcohols cause hair damage. They also lead to infections, hair loss, thinning, and irritation.

Too Tight Hairstyles

That fancy ponytail or bun you tie could also cause damage, especially to your hairline. Tying it too tight pulls the hair, which causes stress. This might be the reason why you have hair breakage. Instead of tight ponytails, try something like loose braids. It is also best to ditch the rubber bands and tie the hair with a fabric band.

Exposing Hair to Too Much Heat

The heat from the blow drier, curl maker, or hot water damages your hair more than you think. It removes the natural oils from the hair, leading to dryness, breakage, and damage. The heat damages the hair shafts, making them weak and the hair follicles. Therefore, stop using heat styling tools. If you have to, ensure low heat and don’t do it frequently. You should also use high-quality heat styling tools to prevent further damage.

Rubbing Wet Hair

Wet hair is brittle, and when you rub it with a coarse towel, the friction created makes the hair frizz, resulting in breakage. Therefore, switch to a microfiber towel instead of the rough towel, and don’t rub the hair. Tie it with a cotton shirt and wait for it to dry.

Not Eating Well

It is vital to ensure your body is getting enough nutrients that promote hair growth and overall health. Therefore, if the food you eat does not have these nutrients, that could be the reason why your hair is falling or thinning. So, ditch junk foods and go for a balanced diet. Ensure the food has nutrients like proteins, iron, zinc, vitamin E, and more.


Many things you do daily could be contributing to hair loss and damage. However, if you don’t know about them, you might not understand where the problem is coming from. Hopefully, you have learned about things you have been doing innocently and how they affect your hair.

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