“This record means nothing to me”: Virat Kohli dismisses captain’s comparison after equaling MS Dhoni record

Virat Kohli dismisses the comparison of the harbor master’s office: the Indian captain does not consider the harbor master’s records as individualistic achievements.

Indian captain Virat Kohli, who had actively interacted with spectators in the second test against England at the MA Chidambaram stadium, believes that a local crowd can make a ‘difference’ when it comes to putting pressure on the team. opposition.

Speaking at a virtual press conference on the eve of the third test in Ahmedabad, Kohli hoped for a supportive atmosphere with the renovated stadium expected to accommodate up to 50,000 spectators throughout the five days.

“The crowd plays a huge role. The crowd is really behind us and the difference we saw in the second Test. You know, the opposition feels the pressure when you go to play in Australia, England, South Africa and New Zealand or wherever.

“Our experience is that as a batsman, when you step on the field and thirty thousand fans stand in your way, clapping as the bowlers run into the bowl, it comes to mind. So you would like that atmosphere to be there and make life harder for the opposition and really behind the team, ”Kohli told reporters.

Virat Kohli rejects the comparison of the captaincy

Kohli, who led India to a complete victory in the previous match, tied former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s record for most test wins (21) at home. While another Home Test victory would see Kohli overtake Dhoni, he will also equal his ex-captain in the Fourth Test in most matches (60) as Indian Test captain.

When asked about the same, Kohli ruled out any comparison with Dhoni and did not hesitate to state that such recordings meant nothing to him, citing their “individual point of view.”

“This record means nothing to me. Records are something that is viewed from an individual point of view and that is not what we play sport for. Whether it’s individual records as a batsman or the number of wins as a captain, I exercise a responsibility as a captain to the best of my ability.

“None of the discs are supposed to last forever. These are very fickle things that probably look very good from the outside. [Comparing people] It’s something that people on the outside really love to do, but it really doesn’t matter to any of us, to be very honest. The mutual respect, understanding and camaraderie we have as teammates [or your ex-captain] is something you really care about, ”Kohli said.

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