Thor’s New Mech Suit Has An Amazing Hammer

Thor has just received a mech suit, along with a hammer arm that will allow him to deal serious damage to the new Avengers enemies.

Warning: contains spoilers for Avengers Mech Strike # 1!

Thor, God of thunder, is known to have fought with his hammer, Mjolnir. It is rare for him to be seen without it, except when it is destroyed and he must resort to other weapons, like his Jarnbjorn ax. But as a weapon that has proven its worth as a god, Thor’s hammer will always be his trademark, and a new Marvel comic shows Thor manages to retain his iconic weapon even when he fights in. a giant mech costume.

Avengers Mech Strike is a new standalone comic book series from Marvel. It is written by Jed Mackay with art by Carlos Magno. It follows the story of the Avengers as they battle biomecanoids – creatures that absorb energy and grow stronger as a result. These are giant creatures whose only weakness seems to be vibranium, which is forcing the Avengers to need new gear, thanks to Tony Stark.

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After discovering the weakness of biomecanoids, Tony Stark throws the curtain on some new toys he built in his spare time. In standard Stark fashion, each Avenger has their own mech suit. These mechs appear to be specialized for each team member, although they have yet to be seen in action. Appearances reflect all of their human pilots, and Tony describes them as a “force multiplier”, suggesting that each will be able to channel or outwardly reflect the capabilities of their counterparts in one way or another. Thor’s mech appears to be built around the signature fighting style of the God of Thunder, equipped with a huge version of his iconic weapon.

Thor’s mech is painted in Thor’s traditional blue, blu-gray and red, while sporting his iconic winged helmet. In addition, the right arm of the mech culminates not with a hand, but with a hammer. While it’s clearly not Mjolnir, the Hammer recognizes that Thor’s Hammer is an extension of the god himself, and no one would pass up Tony Stark for channeling some of the original’s power into the costume. Thor fights with the hammer in a way that feels natural to him and has become muscle memory. Now he literally has a hammer in his hand. While this may limit his ability to grasp things, he will be able to do what he does best: crush his enemies with great force.

While this mech and hammer have yet to be seen in a fight, it seems like a big plus. Mechanoids are capable of absorbing all kinds of energy, which means super-charged heroes like Thor need to be able to keep their distance while still being free to deal damage and protect civilians. While not forged by the dwarves of Nidavellir or given as a gift from Odin, this weapon should be more than enough to take on the biomecanoids that are waiting to appear all over the world. Coated in vibranium, he should be resistant to bite and digestion, and cover variants suggest that there is a way for Thor to always charge his mechanical hammer with lightning. Fans will have to wait for the next issue to see what kind of damage Thor can now do, and if his new mech-hammer can prove that he is worthy of appearing in future stories.

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