Top 11 Video Conferencing Etiquette In 2022

The use of video calls for business purposes has become the norm. The topics we discuss on Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet may be the same as those we discuss in person, but our interactions are very different. The conventions of greeting participants, giving presentations, and maintaining eye contact in a video conference room are distinct from those of a traditional conference room.

However, not all video conferences are the same, and the rules of conduct for video conferencing differ from those for face-to-face conferences.

It’s normal to feel a little out of place at first when making a video call; the technology is still relatively new. The following video conferencing etiquette guidelines, however, will have you conducting yourself like a pro in no time:

1.Always Try To Arrive Early

This one should be standard for any kind of meeting, video or otherwise. However, this is of paramount significance when connecting via video call. 

Unlike official in-person meetings held at bigger firms like medical device contract manufacturing companies, where being late might not be noticed due to many people, everything is displayed during a video conference.

2.Making Eye Contact Is Very Important

Making direct eye contact with the other participants in a video conference is crucial if you want them to feel like they are a part of the conversation.

 You’ll interrupt anyone who’s trying to have a conversation if you come in late. As a result, there may be delays or even cancellations. Meetings run more smoothly and efficiently when everyone shows up on time, which means setting up the necessary equipment takes less time and is less of a hassle.

3.Make Sure Your Technology Works

How often do you join a meeting on time, only to find that your connection is choppy or your computer needs an update?

You should test the equipment and fix any issues before the meeting. Checking the ptz conferencing camera and microphone for functionality and ensuring a stable internet connection are all part of this process.

4.Keep Your Guest List To A Minimum

The phrase “this meeting could have been an email” is a common punchline in the business world, and you’ve probably heard it or said it yourself if you attend meetings regularly. 

True, at least in some cases! Carefully consider who needs to be present during the video conference call and who can receive the meeting’s key takeaways via email before setting up the call.

5.Take Care Of How You Frame Things

Look for a quiet, distraction-free, and bright area to have your video chat. If you don’t have a dedicated study space, try the dining room table or the patio if it’s quiet enough. 

Rooms with dirty laundry piling up, messy play areas for kids and bathrooms are all places to avoid. If you’re stuck in a chaotic environment, most video conferencing programs allow you to blur the background or select a different virtual background.

6.Make Sure There’s Enough Light

Video calls require sufficient lighting, just like those used by broadcasters and photographers. For example, if you can help it, try not to sit directly under an overhead light source that casts shadows on your face. 

You can improve the quality of your lighting by turning to natural or diffused light by a reputable china led strip manufacturer. When two or more lights are used, the effect is enhanced.

7.Keep The Sound Quality At A Premium

Inadequate audio can quickly undermine the usefulness of a video call and even lead to miscommunication. First, ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection, so your audio doesn’t cut in and out. 

The next step is to go somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed. Eliminate any potential sources of distraction, such as a television or music, and ensure no dogs are barking or kids are playing nearby. Make an effort to speak slowly and clearly.

8.Adjust Your Screen Resolution Before Your Call

Also, before starting your video call, ensure the audio and video settings are correct on your platform. Then, before the call begins, have everyone restart their computer; this and the previous suggestion will greatly reduce the amount of time wasted on technical issues. 

Finally, ensure everyone has plenty of time to prepare by assigning tasks well in advance.

9.Put On Appropriate Attire

If only your head and shoulders are visible in the photo, you still need to look put together. Don’t wear anything with distracting patterns.

Wear a solid, face-flattering color close to your face, and give your teeth, hair, and makeup a once-over. If your jewelry makes noise or draws attention to itself every time you move, you should probably leave it at home.

10.Always Put Yourself On Mute When You’re Not Talking

In an ideal world, your video conferencing software would come equipped with a push-to-talk button. This function, whereby other users can hear you only when you hold down a key, is standard across the board. 

If you aren’t talking much, however, it’s still a good idea to mute the microphone. As a result, nobody in the meeting will be disrupted by any ambient noise.

11.It’s Important To Use The Right Tools

Having the necessary equipment is only half the battle for successful video conferences. You’ll also need an easy-to-learn and implement software system for your staff. Our video conferencing comparison guide can find reviews, features, and suggestions for new software.


The way you present yourself at the beginning of a video conference can have a significant impact on the rest of the meeting. By adhering to these 11 simple guidelines, you can easily create a video that has a more professional appearance.

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